Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Weekending..

our weekends are fast, fun and full.
with christmas coming...
even more so!
i'm really looking forward
to our first christmas in paris!

i can't remember what we did
friday night.
this is precisely why
i blog.
saturday we all headed
out to the kids school.
the annual holiday boutique
was going on and 
hannah was working it.

she joined the romania club
and was selling raffle tickets.

my crafty friend nicky 
selling her pillows.
the one she's holding
is the one i bought!
i love it.
when are we sewing nicky?? 

later that day
the two little boys and i
went out with a friend.
steve had to work 
which was a bummer,
but we made the best of it.
we drove out to 
I loved this place!
Christmas tree farm,
market with amazing produce,
meat, cheese, wine, name it
it's there.
a beautiful home and garden section
and plenty of christmas decorations.

sunday steve and i started 
christmas shopping.
we snuck out for a few 
hours in the afternoon
and braved the toys r us.
yes, there is a toys r us here.
there is also the gap,
hollister, abercrombie and fitch.
i'm crossing my fingers
j.crew makes it over here.

sunday evening we all piled
in the car and drove across town
to our favorite italian place.
when we were living in the hotel
this past summer, we would 
eat here almost nightly.
i brought my camera
 because on the way home
we drove down
rue de rivoli and 
boulevard haussmann.
i decided that this week
griff and i will brave the metro
to look at the window displays.

paris at night
at christmas time 
is amazing.


  1. I say give the metro a go. It will be worh it just to see the window displays! The pillow you bought from your friend is adorable!

  2. Christmas in Paris..... SO exciting!! It sounds like you're officially in Christmas mode. The pillow your bought is so sweet! Can't wait to read your posts leading up to your first Parisian Christmas!