Wednesday, December 5, 2012


we spend a lot of time at home
during the week.
most days i don't mind it.
i am a homebody.
but many days i feel guilty
for not getting out there
and seeing more of paris.
i've mentioned this before.
griffin is still having a difficult time
here and i just don't want to push him.
i know that there will be plenty of time
for sightseeing.
we did have a play date last week
and it went better than i thought.
i'm actually looking into the 
bilingual montessori school that his 
little friend attends.

 i love to be in the kitchen.
i love researching recipes and making
out menus and grocery lists.
i love trying new foods.
last weekend at the market 
i picked up this jar of confit d'oignons.
i love that it comes in a reusable weck jar!
it's so yummy! and i'm inspired to make my own.
so good on crostini or in pasta or add to soups.

and speaking of soups..
i've been making many lately.
maybe it's the cold weather..
maybe it's my new le creuset in teal!
last night i made ina's french lentil soup
with sausage.
hearty and good.

i've also made 3 of these in the past week.
turkey and rice soup/
chicken and rice soup.
after we ran out of turkey
i made a big batch of chicken stock.
homemade chicken stock in my freezer
makes me extremely happy.
i also use ina's recipe for chicken stock.
it makes the house smell amazing!

last night when the house was 
i sat and did some of my christmas cards.
it's one of the things i love about this time of year.
sending and receiving cards.
we've lived in so many different places,
it's a nice way to stay in touch with our friends.

my weather app.
dimanche (sunday)..there are snowflakes!
snow in paris! 


  1. I have been making quarts, and quarts of soup too. One of our favorite foods is soup.
    Yay, snow in Paris!
    Can't wait to see some pics of it.

  2. Who did you get your Christmas cards through Pam and are they pretty affordable? Are all your kiddos willing to try your new recipes or do you do something different for them? Happy Day!


  3. Snow in Paris? I promise I won't say anything to our boys because they are very upset that there is no snow in Indiana. After all the years in Alaska they dearly miss snow. Soups! Ah the love of my life! I do believe today is a good day to make up chicken and rice soup as it is finally chilly again. Seriously we have been in the 60's for the past several days... 20 degrees above normal.

    I love your le creuset in teal! It is beautiful! Have a wonderful day! Do you ever stop in at the CMH site? Once again have a wonderful day!

  4. Your soups look amazing!! Paris will be even more beautiful with a dusting of snow. Take lots of pictures and share with us! BTW - your Christmas cards are perfect. Bisou!

  5. Love the colors of your le creuset...Wonderful to cook in! I have a rooster like that . Got it in Italy. You made me hungry for soup. I am thawing some I had in the freezer ...

    We have been on a three week trip and I am catching up on my blogs. Your Xmas card is perfect! Janey

  6. Hi Pam! I'm the same as you! I'm a homebody as well and I just love this time of year because I don't feel as guilty for putting around cooking inside all day. I have been making up a bunch of soups as well and stocking up my freezer. I just made Ina's Italian wedding soup. It's so good like all of her recipes. I want to try that french lentil soup with sausage next. My kids will love it because it contains sausage of course. Have you seen her new cookbook? I put it on my Christmas list already!

    Have a great day!

  7. That soup looks yummy! You inspire me to cook:))

  8. Hope you are enjoying some snow!
    Please post the soup recipes. They look so yummy!

  9. Love love love the Christmas cards!!! Your soups look delish, mmmmm! Glad all is well! hugs, cathy