Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The French Pharmacy

i love the french pharmacy.
sometimes i just go in 
and look at the shelves
lined with bottles and jars
of things i don't yet know.
luckily, my pharmacist speaks
a bit of english and has been
a godsend. 

i tend to get very dry skin
this time of year.
i've been using Pso Natura .
my pharmacist told me to 
give it a month. 
it was pricey
so i'm hoping it'll 
do the trick.

i am also loving
the bioderma line.
i had read about the 
makeup remover on 
Gwyneth's Goop.
she swears by it
and now i do too.
i'm also liking the bioderma 
foam cleanser as well.

GP also suggested 
i'm loving this product!
it is not as expensive here in 

and i'm seeing 
this oil all over the place
in paris.
Nuxe oil can be used
on your face, body and hair.
or in your bath.
it smells lovely 
and is not greasy at all.

the pharmacy here is not
just a spot in the back of Walgreens
or Target to fill your prescriptions.
for me, it's just another 
wonderful parisian experience.


  1. Hi Pam- Just ordered the oil and the avibon......hoping that they will help me with my incerdibly dry skin. Thank you so much for the Parisian tips!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Pam..I have really wanting to try the Bioderma make-up remover, so glad to know you love it..I wonder if I can order it from Amazon?? I would love the pharmacy too!!

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