Friday, December 14, 2012

This Week

what a week.
it started with me somehow
injuring my hip.
for a few days 
i thought it was a sciatic
nerve. i could not walk
at all.
i finally got into the doctors today,
a british doctor that i liked.
she seems to think it's my back
not my hip and wants an x-ray.
she also gave me something for
my out of control eczema 
and an epi-pen for my allergies.
it felt good to get to the doctors.

it's pouring and cold here in paris
on the way home from my appointment
griffin and i stopped at a cafe for lunch.
we haven't done that in a while.
it was a nice treat.

not a lot of decorating going on here.
with all of my decorations in a 
storage box back home..
we are enjoying a simple christmas.

i love aprons.
i bought this one
and i live in it.
i love the length of it
and the feel of the linen.
i love the little pocket to hold
all the little things i pick up around the 
house during the day. 

bon weekend mes amis!


  1. that apron is adorable!
    i thought it was a skirt... well, it kind of IS.
    i want one ♥

  2. p.s. hope your back/hip heals itself.

  3. Pam, a. Simple Christmas in Paris sounds fantastic!

  4. I too love your you wear all day while you're at home?? I want one too!
    Sorry about your glad you made it to the Dr.
    and your flat...looks so beautiful...there is a part of me that wants to decorate with white and and I have such similar taste that I am enjoying trying this frenchy look...I know you miss your "stuff" though...I would too!

  5. Sweet friend,
    We too are having a very simple Christmas. Would you believe instead of a tree I went out on the property and cut a cedar sapling to put in a vintage bucket- not sure the boys love it as much as I do... :) Lots of candles, not so much about the gifts but we will be baking all sorts of goodies and eating well.
    I love that you love your apron as much as I do. I too wear them all over the place- I have been known to leave the house in mine- but I don't live in Paris... :)
    Happy Holidays mon amie!

  6. Aloha to one of my favorite bloggers. I am sorry to hear about your back...hope you are feeling better soon.
    I am SO HAPPY to hear you are now have an epi-pen. I was the reader who wrote a comment a while back about epi-pens/allergies. Your Christmas tree looks lovely! All the best to you and your family and Merry Christmas!!!
    From a fan in Hawaii where we celebrate Xmas island style, xxoo

  7. I went to look at the aprons and they were all sold.
    Hoping that your back feels better and glad that you liked your doctor.
    Love, love, love your living room!