Monday, August 1, 2011

Will's Birthday Weekend

Will turned 9 yesterday!
He wanted to go to Canobie Lake park.

We went Saturday
My brother David went with us and my niece Cameron.
We had a blast!

David rode all the scary rides with the kids.
Not me.
I can't do rides.

I could be sick just looking at this.

Yesterday we had a small family party.
Hannah made and decorated the cake
with Will's favorite candy and cookies.

Happy Birthday Will!
We love you buddy.


  1. Happy Birthday to him! Looks like he had a great weekend!

  2. would you believe that we've never once been to canobie lake park?! EVERY year it's on our summer list and somehow it never happens ... seeing these pics makes me feel like it's time to DO IT!! great pics as always - happy birthday to your sweet Will ... and PS, loving your new August header!!

  3. happy birthday, will!

    that roller coaster is one of the scariest i've ever seen.
    straight up, then straight down?!?!
    i can't do rides like that either.

  4. Happy belated birthday to Will! Looks like you had a fab time (I'm with you- I don't go on the rides either!)

  5. Your pictures are awesome, LOVE the swing one! :)
    Happy Birthday to Will!!

  6. I love the pictures, none of my students Hannah's age and a bit younger wear matching socks either is that the new fad?
    THe first picture with Will what kind of flowers are those?
    Love your blog

  7. I think every household needs Hannah!
    Happy Birthday Will.
    xoxo Dianne

  8. Happy Birthday Will! It looks like it was perfect!! Hannah did a great job on that cake:)

  9. Happy Birthday, Will!

    Your pictures are getting GOOD, girl! It is not easy to get nice sharp pix when moving rides are involved. And, gah...I know how draining it can be to lug around a big camera at an amusement park. Great job!

  10. Happy Birthday Will...we had a 9 year old party this summer ourselves!
    love that cake.
    looks like Hannah really gets her brother!!:)have a happy day