Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Comfort Food

We spent a lot of time at home this week.
No field trips
no beach
no friends.
Steve was in Jamaica on travel...
So it was just me and the 3 kids.

We spent a lot of time in the kitchen
and on the porch reading.
The weather has been nice...70's and 80's
with the occasional thunderstorm.
Who doesn't love a good thunderstorm in the summer?

Anyway, this was the view from my sink today.

And this.

And while they were out playing I made this...

Chesca's Roasted Corn Chowder.
From the Morning Glory Farm Cookbook.
(Morning Glory Farm is on the Vineyard and Chesca's is a restaurant in Edgartown)

Ok...typically in the summer I don't crave comfort food.
It's in the dead of winter when I need big bowls of soup, mashed potatoes, chicken pot pie...
you get the idea.
Generally, my summer comfort comes in the form of my beach chair
with a good book in my hand.
But, sometimes even when it's warm need a big bowl of comfort.
And this chowder is it.
I will tell you it's time consuming.
I roasted the corn yesterday.
And today sauteed the bacon
and chopped a million vegetables
and then made a roux
and had to dig deep in my pantry for some Sherry.
But, man...was it worth it.
Even Griffin loved it.
And he's picky.

Anyway, I called my sister Jen who lives on the Vineyard
and told her I made it..finally.
And you know what she said?
To add some lobster meat.
Why didn't she tell me that yesterday?

I'll have to make it again..
because lobster in this chowder
would mean I'd have died and gone to heaven.

Tonight I'll just have it with a piece of french bread
and my glass of white wine.
Maybe on the beach 
in my chair
with my book.


  1. oh the weather and chowder sound heavenly!

  2. can you....will you PLEASE post the recipe? it looks delish!

  3. what a perfect view from your kitchen sink!:)
    griffy is getting soooo big!
    have a happy day

  4. I could handle a good thunder storm about now. I need rain!!


  5. That first picture is just the best. I love it!

    The corn chowder looks delicious. I am not a seafood fan, I know that makes most people cringe. BUT, I would maybe try it with some lobster, maybe?! :) Have a good weekend.

  6. Corn chowder with lobster? On the beach? With a good book? Umm...yes. Definite comfort. Love the way you think.