Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Going to Work

Stephen left this morning for the Vineyard.
He's going to work over there for the month of August.
He'll live with my mom
and work at my sisters ice cream shop.
My mom also got him a job working as a camp counselor
at the Winnetu . 
He is going to be one busy kid.

We drove him to the ferry this morning.
And yes,
I cried watching him go.

Honestly, I couldn't ask for a better way for him to go off on his own for the first time.
And work.
And learn how to become an adult.
He'll be living and working with people who love him.
And will take great care of him.

But still...

I know that a BIG part of me
would love to just have him be that little boy
in his mom's arms.

It's so bittersweet!

I know that this is will be a wonderful experience for Stephen.
How lucky is he to be spending a month on Martha's Vineyard??

We miss you already buddy.
Thanks Mom and Jen 
for taking him in.


  1. What a great experience....but yes, I'm crying for you!

  2. Seriously, I just got that squeezed-heart feeling thinking about my oldest being someday old enough to do that. Way to be tough and send him off anyway.

  3. What a great opportunity, but oh, I do feel your pain (and mine are nowhere near that age yet)

  4. Such a great opportunity for him! So glad that he is with family. He will learn so much and hopefully the time will go by really fast for you!

  5. What a great experience for him! Brandon is back for three weeks after a year of college and two months of living on his own/working. He's SO grateful to be home. The kids have been in his room NON STOP and I told him he could tell them to leave. He said he was so lonely without them.


  6. What a great experience and time in his life! Hugs to you, though.

  7. so bittersweet. It hit me last night that I've only got 2 more summers with my little girl, after this one, before she is a high schooler - where does the time go?

  8. What an incredibly lucky guy! To be able to spend the summer on MV! To work in an ice cream shop! Man, I think that is every New England kid's dream. How exciting for him.

    But...I totally get how Mama is feeling sad. Big Hugs, Pam!

  9. I bet it is so bittersweet for you! I'm having similar feelings with Boyd right now, and he's only 3. He is a lucky kid! What a fun summer for him. Sounds like a dream to me. I bet he will enjoy every second.

    You said use sesame oil in the quinoa. Do you just cook it up first, and add that right before serving? I want to try it that way.

  10. All grown up. He seems like such a wonderful boy. You're a lucky mama (and a good mama). ;)