Monday, August 15, 2011

We're Expecting...

...a puppy!

Everyone thinks I'm totally crazy..
including my husband.

But we're going for it.

Hannah has been begging for years.
Since our last dog ...

This time
we're ready.

He's 3 weeks old
and we can pick him up in 5 more weeks.
So I've been organizing and doing things now 
that I know won't get done when he gets here.
Today I'm in the attic.
Staring at all the baby things
that I still can't get rid of.

Ok..let's talk names.
Here are some of the names we like..

Any others?

And please tell me I'm not crazy.


  1. soooo happy for you guys! you are going to have such wonderful times with your new dog. be prepared for some trials and tribulations but it will all be worth it! they provide some of the best family memories!

  2. Not crazy. Our boxer is almost eight now, and my kids wouldn't know life without her. Of course I love the name Tucker, but it seems weird . . . somehow. I think I like Gus the best.

  3. Yay! You definitely are ready. He will keep you and Griff company when the kids go back to school. xoxoxo! I love the name Gus, we had a cat named Gus!

  4. I've always liked the name "Zeke" for a dog.

  5. Not crazy one bit!!
    Don't get rid of that baby stuff either...we were THIS close to getting a puppy when we found out we were pg with Aubrey...kind of like what happens with adopring i guess!!:)
    have a happy day

  6. You're not crazy. Puppies are so sweet. Some of my best memories of my childhood are of time spent with our family dogs. I've always loved having one! I love unique names for pets, and I think the ones you listed are super cute. I like Ziggy from your list. I always wanted to name a boy dog Carlin. Not sure why. haha.

  7. Not crazy at all! We got our labradoodle two years ago and it was the best decision. Our kids love Max so much and he brings to much happiness to our family. The puppy stage was trying but it goes by fast.

  8. Awwww..... you're not crazy at all! I like Gus... don't know why.

  9. Well, you have been wanting another baby.......
    Your older kids will really be able to help, so that is a good thing. Hope you look into crate training. Not cruel at all. I was so opposed to it, until my breeder recommend it. It will calm them, and it becomes their safe little den. My grown dogs still love their kennel and run to it each time I put on my shoes and grab my purse!
    And, I like Gus!

  10. Oh no the attic will do it to me everytime!
    I love Gus.
    How fun!
    Those are the cutest puppies Pam. Your kids are just going to go crazy when you get him home!

  11. It will be worth it!!!
    xoxo Dianne

  12. a little crazy but its worth it - but just be sure to get a crate - it will save your sanity and your house. I like Gus and Tucker, but throwing "Shamus" into the mix.

  13. Oh, how fun! I love golden labs. I vote Murphy. That fits a big ole cuddly lab IHHO. Can't wait to meet him!

  14. I'm guessing this will be a little male pup.
    I love the name Belvedere so you can yell "OH, BELVEDERE" I remember this from an old cartoon. Have fun with your new addition to the family!