Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vineyard Vacation

We've been on the Vineyard.
We go every year for the Agricultural Fair.
The Oak Bluffs fireworks are Friday night

They are the best!
We bring wine and cheese
and then we get buckets of ice cream from my sisters shop.

Stephen actually scooped them for us!

It was so great to see him!
Even though we didn't see much of him.
My mom has taken such great care of him.
I'm not sure if he's ready to come home yet.

Saturday we went to the fair.
Will and Hannah entered art work this year!!
I thought Will won a prize for his horse
but Hannah said, "mom, everyone has a ribbon"
They were just entry ribbons.
Still, I thought Will's was great!

Hannah's "hydrangea in a cup"
Way to go Hannah!
It was so cool to see their art work up there!

Griffin loved the animals.

Time for the rides!

The Sizzler was by far the favorite of the night!

My brother in law spends a fortune trying to drown the clown..
..and he always does it.

And of course we eat.
Griffin had his first corn dog.
He ate the whole thing.

Lobster rolls

And deep fried twinkies.
Yes, you heard me.
Deep. Fried. Twinkies.

Sunday we drove out onto South Beach
with my sister and her family
and my mom
It was the best day!

Hi Annie!

The waves were huge!


We didn't see him
But did pass the motorcade

One of my favorite shops 

Edgartown Lighthouse

A favorite shop in Vineyard Haven

Loved this idea!

Ferry home

Not sure who was on the ferry with us
but we had a Coast Guard escort the whole way back

Another great Vineyard vacation!!

One week til school starts.
And I'm still not ready.


  1. That looks so great! I'd love to visit the Vinyard. I'm so jealous that y'all are still in summer vacation.... we've been in school for over 2 weeks now.

  2. This looks so wonderful!! I love when you post beach pics as I'm living vicariously through you! xoxo Gretchen