Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Books and Donuts

The weekend was jam packed.
Friday night I spent the night with an old girlfriend at her cottage on the Cape.
I was in need of a night away.
We had so much fun...
slept in the next day and went out to lunch.
Sunday we had our annual family birthday/bbq celebration at my brother John's
back down on the Cape.
It poured ALL day.
And then sat in 2 hours of traffic coming home.
Ahhh...the Cape in the summer.

The past few days have been quiet.
Not great beach days = lots of cooking/baking/reading.
I just finished Still Alice.
I loved it. 
And could resonate with it as Steve's mom is suffering from this horrible disease...
I pray every day for a cure.

I'm in the middle of A Homemade Life.
I like it.
I like a book with recipes and will be trying some of Molly's.
She is also the author of the blog Orangette.
I'm really looking forward to the Secret Garden!
So much to read!
So little time!

Yesterday the kids and I made donuts. fun and easy and GOOD!
Don't you just love my little donut cutter! 
Oh how I love kitchen gadgets.
Forget the jewels...
shower me with fun kitchen things!

That is a lot of vegetable oil.

While they're still warm
put them in a paper bag with cinnamon and sugar
and shake.

You can also use left over frosting
and sprinkles.

Wicked good.


  1. Those donuts remind me of a little place in the woods of Virginia called the Apple House. We used to drive there just for cinnamon donuts! How fun! Loved Still Alice. Yes, hoping/praying for a cure. And love your summer trip to Boston. xo

  2. I loved Still Alice and i loved a Homemade Life. I just finished Maine and French Lessons. Really just enjoyment reads, not tons of thinking, but sometimes my brain needs that. About to start the Year of Magical Thinking. There are so many things I pray for a cure for everyday. Alzheimers is one of my top, as well as Breast Cancer. We have two people that we adore who have just been diagnosed:(
    P.S....send some donuts up here! xoxoxo!

  3. oh! there is an amazing french toast recipe in homemade life. it rocked my world.

    your cinnamon sugar donuts look crazy good.

  4. I like how your kids saved all the cinnamon doughnuts for me! How DID they know???
    Plain old YUMMO!

  5. makes me want to whip up a batch of donuts but need a cute donut gizmo first! and hope your girlfriend doesn't mind being called old out on blogland - hope you get invited again!

  6. Pam I have a rolling pin that you roll across the dough and it cuts out donuts several at a time. These look delish. I am spoiled by Krispy Kreme...can't make anything better. They melt in your mouth. Originated in N.C. and are sold everywhere down here,fresh daily. yum!
    xoxo Dianne
    6 tries posting!

  7. WOW! I've never made donuts before. That seems like a huge ordeal. I am impressed that you do this!

    I borrowed A Homemade LIfe from the library but never got around to reading it. It was around the time my dad was dying and the first few pages had me in tears so I had to put it down. WOnder if I can handle it now. It seems like a great read.