Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Around the House

We spend so much time out on the porch
eating, reading, playing games
napping, drinking wine
bird watching.
Will got the binoculars for his birthday.

summer mantel

It rained all day yesterday


both really good!

Stephen has been gone two weeks today.
I miss him
but he loves it!
He's working..a lot and making friends.
I think he'll come home a little more grown up.
I've never been away from any of my kids for this long.
And whether you like it or not,
you adapt.


  1. Are those top 2 pics of your porch? I LOVE it! So beachy! I also spy the same Dash & Albert rug we have on our stairs. :) Love me some Dash & Albert!

  2. I love the sign on your mantle! Both of those dishes you made look delicious. I'm going to check out the recipes. And, I so wish it would rain like that here.