Friday, June 10, 2011

We Got a Pool!

I have been super cranky lately.
Part of it is the heat we've been having.
I'd much rather be cold than hot.
So the kids and I thought it would be fun to have a pool.
Isn't it awesome?
Wanna come over and swim?
I'll serve some fun drinks.

Hannah got her new Jack Rogers with all her babysitting money.

This is the other reason I'm cranky.
I know.
I'm a horrible mom
I'm just ready for it to end.
My kids aren't even over scheduled kids.
Stephen and Will both play baseball
Hannah does ballet and violin.
And now that it's warmer...she has tennis.
That's it. 
Piano, golf, sailing, tennis for the summer.
But, Will's baseball schedule this past week was enough to put me over the edge.
It's all the way across town and they run from 5-7:45. 
He's playing in a kid pitch league this year...and boy is it painful.
I know...horrible mom.
Seriously, the kids get on base only if they walk or get hit.
I'm just ready for no schedule.
Just the slow pace of summer.

Loving all the blueberries right now.
I made Ina's Blueberry Crumb cake good with a glass of lemonade. 

We love playing Mancala. 
It's always out on the table.
There's not a lot to set up.
It's easy to learn.
It doesn't take forever to play.
Fun for all ages.

Week and a half left of school.
This weekend we are working on our Summer List !


  1. I heart kiddie pools, mancala, and drinking anything out of a ball jar:)

  2. i have pool envy ; )

    we love mancala, too! i've been playing it since 5th grade & now my kids love it. ♥

  3. The best part about mancala? When you lose a piece, you can use a dimer or whatever else. I can't believe your heat. It's like here--plus humidity. So sorry. You can come swim in our pool.
    I had a salad for lunch today that had the BEST blueberries. MMMMM.

  4. hey pam....fanci here. i have a smile on my face relating to the mom and now grandma isuues. you are not horrible...because then that makes me horrible too. ;-) my grandson will be 8 in june. his little league games last 2hrs. that's the rule....two loooooong hrs. tonight it started at 5:30. i'm sorry to say it's as exciting as watching paint dry!!! like you...we live by the water so the mosquitos were out in full force and it was hot. my daughter and every mother there felt exactly the same way. love your blog....see you over at tp. xxx fanci

  5. ok, first of all - the blueberry crumble -oh hell yes i'll be right over for that swim!! and the jack rogers? the silver was an excellent choice - nice job, hannah! btw, my jaw drops when i see what the baseball families have to commit to up here - must be the same - it's horrible. h.o.r.r.i.b.l.e.!! between the frequency and the hours, it seeps into every part of the entire family's life - i truly couldn't do it, no way no how ... so no, you're not a horrible mom - in fact, you're an incredible mom for even doing it!!

  6. I want your pool! :)) You know I'm digging it, because we are all about the kiddie pools over here!

    Oh how I want a piece of that blueberry crumb cake, and the blue dish it's in too!

    You are not horrible, I have those thoughts too, I {hate} the park, seriously. I think that thought makes me a bad mom. Your activities list is very full, it sounds like you guys do quite a bit. I agree with you though, I love the laid back feeling of summer, and an empty calendar!

  7. That's the best kind of pool. Low maintenance..yet still refreshing! Love it!
    The only thing better is a neighbor with a pool that you can use any time! Ha! Hopefully things will slow down soon so you can have a few lazy summer days! So nice!

  8. your pool. :)

    We love Mancala too. We should get a tourney going. :)