Monday, June 6, 2011

This Weekend...

we made Oreo pie. 

the kids lie in our bed and Steve throws the duvet over them. Cheap entertainment.

we threw a barn party. 
I wish.
I want a barn.
So I could throw barn parties just like this one.

we cleaned out some dresser drawers.
I found this newborn diaper way in the back of Griffy's changing table.
It just about sent me over the edge. 
I came running downstairs to show Hannah.
"Oooooh Mom! Let's have another baby!! PLEASE!!"
(she's over the dog and onto the baby...this week.)
Then I ran outside to show Steve.
"Steve PLEASE let's have another baby"
I can't seem to get rid of that diaper. 
It's been on my kitchen counter all weekend.


  1. Awww...I ditto Rene'. ;) You're such a good mom! I think we should find a barn and throw a killer blogger party. How's that for spontaneity. I find the best ones come when I don't think. Keep the diaper.

  2. Oh yum on the oreo pie!!!

    When I first read that you threw a barn party, I was like, oh gracious that is hers???! I wish I had one too, after seeing that photo.

    Keep that diaper, just in case. :)

  3. Keep the diaper. And invite me to the party. Ky dad has a barn ... but it's a working smelly barn.

  4. i recognize the gorgeous barn photo from pinterest, it's been circulating a lot lately - so pretty! Are you on pinterest too? if so, we need to link up!
    And re: diaper ... better keep it ... just in case ;-)

  5. Barn parties sound perfect! Build a barn, have a party!

  6. Why don't you have another one?!! Although a dog would be so much easier! xoxoxo Gretchen

  7. Hmmmm, can't wait to see what happens with you. Your life is full no matter what, but I hope you get everything you want!

  8. Is it just me or does that diaper appear to be smirking at you????? :) I love what Em posted - I'm going to stand in her camp! :)