Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today Around the House

I love this time of year.
It's not too hot yet.
I still have a few weeks until school is out.
Griffy and I can hit the beach just the two of us and it's not crowded.
We've been spending so much time, eating, playing, gardening..even sleeping.  The kids slept on the porch the other night.  We live on our porch now. Steve and I have our designated chairs...his faces the family room and the honkin  tv that still is up here and not in the basement. Anyway, he can watch whatever game is on. Mine faces the yard and these gorgeous lilacs my neighbor cut for me.
I love lilacs. I want some in my yard.
I actually bought 2 lilac shrubs from Costco a few months back.
They were in a box.
I think I was supposed to plant them right away.
I took them out of the box this past weekend and my neighbor and I (the one with the lilacs) almost peed our pants laughing.

Can you see those 2 sticks. Those are my lilac bushes.
What do you think?
Do they have a chance?
Seriously, gardening has never really been my thing.
But I'm trying.

This is Griffy's garden.
We planted tomatoes, peppers and cukes.
Let's see who kills them or the rabbits.

Every year the kids ask for a slip-n-slide.
Every year I buy one.
They are on it for about 5 minutes.
Then it sits there and kills the grass.

I really don't have a lot of rules in the house.
But one of my favorites is this one..
as soon as that candle is lit
the kitchen is closed.
So if someone is hungry
they need to make it
and clean up
I'm done.


  1. well! i L♥Ve the "closing candle" idea!
    and the photo of grandma.
    our lilac is just now blooming & perfuming.
    i brought some blooms inside & they smell heavenly.

  2. love lilacs and I am so... jealous of your arrangement. I don't see them much in MD, but I decided to order a reblooming one from Springhill gardens. Hope it grows. :)

  3. jen (jen's ink pen) also has that same rule in the kitchen ... my mom did, too (though it wasn't a candle, it was the hood light over the cooktop - all other lights out) ... GREAT rule, I love it!!

    i love lilacs too ... we have the most GI-normous lilac bush right by our entry door and i'm afraid it's been dying these past couple of years - and this was the year it was officially declared dead - i'm heartbroken - how i'll miss that fragrance :(

  4. I love lilcs. May have to get one, because I do miss them terribly come this time of year. Love that rule of yours. I may have to adopt it.

  5. This post made me roar! From your lilac "sticks" to the killing the garden comments. I swear it's all in the soil. But...I bought 2 white hydrangea bushes in a box from BJ's like that. Believe it or not, they are both now growing a year later. One is doing better than the other, but they survived. Good luck!

  6. I am buying myself a candle today...what a good idea!
    I think you might be surprised by those lilacs!

  7. I do hope your lilac grows! It smells so divine!
    good luck with your garden, and I love the candle idea!

  8. OMG! I am laughing so hard at your lilacs- not to be mean of course. I'm laughing with you. I would hurry up and get some Miracle Grow Root Stimulator on those babies! :-)