Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If You Came to Visit Me....

We'd probably meet here.
I think it's a nice place to meet a friend.
Some people meet at the top of the Empire State building.
I would meet you here. 

To get there you have to walk or drive across the Powder Point bridge.
No jumping allowed! 
But you could fish off of it if you like.
If you drive you need a beach sticker.
Walking is much nicer anyway.

We could hang out at the beach for a while.
Watch the boats go by.
And if you were my about how much you NEED a boat.

We could go for a walk and look at the pretty homes and push the babies in the stroller.
That's what I did this morning.
I hope people don't mind me snapping pictures of their homes.
Don't you love the flag?

We could jump off the Blue Fish River bridge.
Or you could.
Apparently, when you move here it's mandatory that everyone must jump in.
That's what my realtor said.
It's been 3 years and I still haven't jumped.
I'm a huge wimp about cold water...the water here is COLD.
I only go in if I have to pee. 
That house was just featured in this months Better Homes and Gardens...
check it out!

We could stop here for lunch.
Lobster rolls and clam chowder.
We could go next door to the French bakery for dessert.

We could do a little shopping.
Not a huge business district here.
Just a few quaint little stores.

Then you could come back to my house and I'll cook you dinner.
And then Farfars for ice cream.
Couldnt' get a picture of Farfars..
Griffin had had enough and was ready for a nap.
Wanna visit me?


  1. YES I do...Pam that your town???
    You are completely blessed to live in such a beautiful place..I have NOTHING charming to show you here, so looks like I must come there...oh I want to move to the east coast!!

  2. Ms. Pam...i know that you can jump into that water. You have done it here before (even though it was the pool) and you can do it there. that should be your summer goal. Love the pictures and I need that house with the flag. You are so lucky!!! Has it really been 3 years??

  3. pam,
    dawn & i are moving in.
    i agree with rene',
    your summer goal should be to jump off blue fish river bridge.
    steve could take your picture.
    maybe you could challenge your readers to "take the plunge" with you & do something fun & daring in their lives, as well ♥

  4. I'll be right there. Let me check on airfare! :)) Beautiful place that you live in! I LOVE the water, and those quaint little stores.

  5. I was wondering if you knew the people who lived in that BH&G house.
    Can I move in, just for June, July and August? Please!

  6. I wish I lived near you, it sounds like we like a lot of the same things. Lobster rolls and clam chowder? Yes please.
    I most definitely won't be jumping into anything colder than my bath water or slightly cooler. I prefere warm water.
    Your blog is lovely.

  7. Pam - I'm actually trying to plan a trip to the Cape for September. My Mother's Day gift from Doug. I get to take a friend. May I email you for ideas of where to stay/what towns etc. and what to do?

  8. Your coastal town looks like my coastal town!
    Small, quaint and charming. Couldn't get me to move to a city for anything!!! Now, we need for you to jump!! :)
    xoxo Dianne

  9. hell yes i'm coming over - right over! it's funny how we both live so close and in such similar towns right on the water, yet they're really different ... loved the virtual tour, pam - next time for realz?!

  10. I may plan a visit soon...Bob is from Abington and knows the area well.Love it all...that's why we would like to move back to New England soon.
    Your photos are great Pam.

  11. That bridge brought back great memories! My husband proposed to me on the middle of that bridge 19 years ago!

  12. Pam,
    You're living in a vacation!!! How beautiful!
    oxoxo Gretchen

  13. ummmm....YES! I'm coming to visit. I grew up in a quaint New England town also. Not that close to the water, I don't believe though. But the little main street of shopping is what I dearly miss. And the gorgeous NE homes. I thought for sure there would be beautiful homes like that down here seeing as it's the first colony, but nope. Not New England.:(

  14. I'll come .. and then we'll sew together while Griffin and Eliza play :)

  15. i am in my car and just not sure which exit to take? :-)
    your pics are great...loved the tour. I was in boston this weekend and thought of you.
    how many more days until summer vacay? today is beach day for the kids...such fun that they all spend the day lunchin' and sunnin'. HS-er is already finished with finals so he is around.
    any trips up to maine to get a dog this summer?

  16. Pam~
    I have completely enjoyed reading your blog. I found my way to you via Sarah at clover Lane. I identify with the difficulties of making good friends at this stage in life. My direct, sarcastic personality don't do me any favors in the friend making department but the ones I do have are the real deal. I adore Boston/Cambridge area and imagine we'd be completely broke if I lived there. Any place you can drive on the beach and enjoy a glass of wine and a good book or time with friends is nothing short of a dream. I live in south central Pennsylvania so the beach is not so close.

    Thanks for letting me follow along,

  17. I love your little sweet neck of the woods. Do it, jump right in!

  18. I would love to be company in your town- at your home! Sounds like a divine day out....

  19. I'm on my way!!! And that Talbot's shop is adorable!

  20. Pam, You make me miss home!

  21. Jump. In. I like Catie's advice - make it your new goal and for goodness sake post a pic!
    Do I want to visit you???
    Yeah-uh!!!! Though I don't have a baby to push.........unless, of course, you'll be needing an extra pair of hands to push around an extra baby :) sometime in the near future....
    Ooops. didn't mean to throw gas on that fire... :)
    Love you you swell chick,

  22. Totally wanna come visit. I love the tour! Beautiful! Im sure I would jump either. Yikes...Cold!