Monday, June 27, 2011

Perfect Summer Days

oh if every summer day could be like today.
It was pretty much perfect.
I got my exercise in this morning.
Made awesome pancakes.
Waited for the kids' piano teacher...
no show today. 
Ok..except for that it was perfect.
And then we packed the cooler and the car
and went to the beach.

We stayed right through Griffy's nap.
I have a feeling that'll happen a lot this summer.
It's so worth it.

So I bought the Zoku. 
It's wicked cute.
We've made all kinds of pops.
And healthy!

Will has been drawing.
He found this website and I think he's drawn every animal.
I think we'll hit the library and find some books on drawing with kids.
We've used the Ed Emberley books and like those.
We're ready to try something new.
Any suggestions?

I'm wishing for more days like these.


  1. This does sound like a perfect day...and it cost you NOTHING!!
    Guess I must check out the Zoku...I have been wanting to make those smoothie pops Catie shared not too long ago!

  2. Zoku? I may need to succumb to that one. And I wish I had an artist kid. Lucky you!

  3. Thanks for the website. Zac will love it!
    And the Pops!
    Enjoy your beachy summer!

  4. That popsicle maker looks so cool.

    I'm glad it was a perfect day!

    The beach looks like heaven!!

  5. I'm back! Woo HOO! Lots of catching up in blogland to do. 17 days of company. I could write a book. :) LOL. Share some zoku recipes. Did you buy any of the add-ons? I think the fruit stencil thing looks adorable. We've tried the belgian chocolate pudding from Trader Joe's...that was the favorite. They also loved the juice of watermelons with a little sugar. It's been so fun trying different juices! I've missed you!

  6. precious pics!! so glad you are enjoying summer!! hugs, cathy

  7. looks divine to me honey!!

    perfect isn't it, when you get to stay right through the littlest's sleep time!

    enjoy for all of us that don't currently have a beach on our doorsteps!!

    melissa xx

  8. We have this one and it is really cute - I got it at Michael's a few years ago for just a few dollars: