Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today Around the House...

Playing with iphone apps...this one is free and it's from Harida. 

this one is from the Camerabag app..not free. It's called 1974. 

I can't remember whose blog this cute idea came from.
I pack these little gems in Hannah's lunchbox.
Aren't they cute?

Chickpea and edamame salad
with carrots, red peppers and dried cranberries.
My lunch.

Remember I was having dryer issues.
Well it's totally gone now.
And right before it died I was thinking how it would be nice to have a clothesline.
I was reminiscing about the old days in Kentucky when I would take Hannah's cloth diapers out to dry on the line.
I loved doing that.
Now, not so much. 
Steve said..."well now you're really like Ma from Little House on the Prairie."
Shut it Steve.
We need a dryer.

What I'm reading when I'm not hanging clothes out to dry.
I've never read him before.
He's hysterical.
I think I want to read his new one..At Home.
Has anyone?
One of my favorite things is a good book recommendation.
Happy Weekending and Father's Day

P.S....And thank you! All for the sweet comments on my last post!
I love that some of you have been here...were engaged here!...and plan on visiting around here.
I love where I live and can honestly tell you I appreciate it's beauty and am thankful everyday that we can live here.
If any of you are ever in my little town..please give me a ring.
Seriously...I'll jump off the bridge with you.


  1. I think your request was for a picturesque Martha-esque clothes line, not a drying rack--so much less darling.
    And I love that first sketch/photo. Awesome!

  2. The berries and chocolates came from Nicolle's blog- Boyd's Crazy Mama. Your salad looks yummy...I've never bought edamame before.

  3. I'm loving the raspberries and chocolate!
    I have never heard of that author or book.
    I've been reading classics in the summer for the last 2 years.
    I'll be starting "Brideshead Revisited" in July.--boy I love that book!
    Haven't read it in over 15 years, so it should feel new again.

  4. The only reason I would get an iphone is to play with all these fun apps!
    The rasberries were on "Boyd's Crazy Moma's" Blog I think. They are awesome.
    Sooo terrrible to be without a dryer. How could Ma stand wearing those stiff clothes?

  5. I LOVE edamame. That salad looks wonderful!

    That first picture is great, in the tub. I love the editing. That would look precious, framed and hung in the bathroom. I've got to get a phone that can do all of that. I am way behind on technology. :)

    Don't you love the raspberries with the chocolate?! I'm so glad you made them. Just enough chocolate, no guilt!!

  6. was just about to head out for groceries - raspberries now at the top of my list, love that combo! cool app in that top photo, gotta do a search for that one, i like it a lot ... and btw you're a saint to operate w/o a dryer, i'd go insane!

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  8. Going to buy some rasberries, of course I already have the chips! I'll be sharing this idea with my preschoolers too!
    So good to see the pics of Dux...missing the South Shore right now. A quick visit on Sunday won't be enough...soon more for summer. Last time I was in Dux was in college I think...nuff said!!
    Hope all is well!

  9. I keep trying to comment on your blogs and I can't. Anyway, maybe this will work. Love those iphone apps. We have a good time with them. Have you seen the "fat face" one. The kids think it's hilrarious. I say I already have a fat face, lol.

  10. I am in love with those chocolate chips in the CUTE!!!

    sandy toe

  11. It's after midnight and my stomach is growling. I would give anything for that salad. Do you dress it with anything? I'm so intrigued.

    Haven't heard of that author either. I'll have to add it to my list. Trying to read more this summer. Need to get off the 'puter first.

  12. Hi,I love Bill Bryson,he is one of my favourite authors,I haven't read the home one but I love the ones where he is travelling around the states and Australia(where I live),Some moments in those were laugh out loud.I don't have a dryer as I live in a fairly tropical area,but I am so with you on the hanging out thing getting old pretty quick expecially with five messy as kids and I have even turned fussy on how everything is hung out,how lame is that?Anyway,love your blog and your beautiful photos,x