Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Big Rolling Turd

Tomorrow is the last day of school!
I'm ready.
I think.
I didn't over- schedule the kids.
I don't think.
We basically follow the same rules
No tv/computer during the day.
And that has to include me.
I don't watch tv..except for Modern Family.
Did you see it last week...ok..seriously, Phil kills me.
Anyway, I'm going to have to get up before everyone or wait until night time for the computer.
Not going to be easy. 

So we still haven't put together our Summer List yet
But we've been talking about what we want on it.
I also talked to the kids about not having a schedule but more of a rhythm.
Lots of beach time.
Lots of down time.
That's what I want.

Ok so lately I've been on this RV kick.
Have  you ever seen the movie RV with Robin Williams?
I love that they call it "the big rolling turd."
Kristen Chenowith is my favorite...
After we watched that movie (like 2 years ago)..I told Steve and the kids we should rent an RV.
We've seen more of Europe than we have of our own country...
I've always wanted to see Montana and Colorado and Washington and Arizona and New Mexico and Idaho. 
Seriously..wouldn't that be fun?
Or not.
I don't know.
I could see it not going well.
Possibly someone hitchhiking home.


  1. Oh I love these photos! So peaceful and pretty.

    I LOVE Modern Family!

    I think no tv/computer during the day is the most awesome rule in the world. More parents should implement that. I love that...lots of beach time, lots of down time.

  2. first of all, pam, that top photo is breathtaking - the colors, the expressions, all of it - it's truly breathtaking ...
    second, modern family? say no more, we're at the point where we use quotes from episodes in our regular dialog ... LOVE that show!
    And last - the rv? YES YES YES!! This is my dream vacation, no joke!! DO IT!!

  3. Hurray for summer! And you should definitely RV. Idaho is gorgeous. But if you've come that far, you really ought to see Utah too! We'll show you round. xoxo

  4. I love that photo of you and your daughter! Two pretty ladies!!

    I also LOVE that movie with Robin Williams. We've seen it a couple times and it always has us laughing. We want to rent one too, but my husband's a little scared of driving it, and honestly I'm a little scared of him driving it too:)

  5. Did I see AZ in your RV list? Please? We have room and a pool and . . . 113 degrees tomorrow. You may want to reconsider your route.

  6. My summer is getting started tomorrow!
    My boys stay out most of the day, but I still add the rules you mention.
    We have a great summer planned, hope you do too!

  7. A road trip sounds really great! I must rent RV - love me some KC. And I was totally inspired by your Wicked Awesome Summer list, and bought my poster board last night.....
    Can't wait!

  8. we are full swing into summer here!!! my dad and i drove cross country, we travelled for over a month and it was the best trip!!! all of the national parks are amazing!!!! my hubby and i are planning for the day we can take the kids!!!! Love the first picture...beautiful!!!!

  9. happy last day of school!! let us know if you do the rv gig. love your beach photos! hugs, cathy

  10. I want to go out West too...farther than we did last summer in CO. BUT it was HELL to drive there in a mini-van. I could have flung myself out on the side of the road several times. More room might be the answer!
    No summer list for us this year...to much pressure for me...isn't that sad?

    And I can't believe Griffy is TWO. (last post) boo hoo
    You look great in that picture by the way!

  11. Adore that first photo of you and your girly! I haven't seen that movie, but it sounds hilarious w/those 2 in it.

    BSD is into the whole RV idea. Me? I could take it or leave it. Some days it sounds like a blast. Others not so much. I vote you try it first and let me know how it is. ;)