Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Summer!

We had a block party yesterday to celebrate the last day of school.
We used to do it in our old town so I thought it would be fun for us to start the tradition here.

It was a riot when the water balloons spilled and went rolling down the hill.
Griffy stood there crying.

We had tons of games planned and a bouncy house.
Pizza and a candy bar and ice cream lasagna. (total yum)
And almost as soon as the last kid got off the bus..
the rain came.
We moved everything to my porch in the back
and the kids played in the rain all day.

So no fun pictures.
But a day full of fun memories with our awesome neighbors!
Happy Summer!


  1. What a bummer. Water balloons in the rain? Could be worse, and what a great memory. Great idea.

  2. At least no lightning...right? What a super fun memory.

  3. Pam, I'd love the recipe to ice cream lasagna! Sounds fun.

  4. What a great idea! Your neighborhood looks dreamy:)

  5. I want to live on your street. It's so beautiful! I would say a day playing in the rain sounds like the best kind of day, ever! Love the pictures!

  6. get OUT! how fun are you?!?!
    seriously, pam, you're making the rest of us look a little lame : )

  7. Block parties are so fun! Indoors or out. :)

    I'm really bad about taking decent pictures at parties and events. I just can't seem to pull out my camera even though I lug it around. Either that or when I do take pix they turn out like doo-doo b/c there's so much chaos going on.