Thursday, May 5, 2011

What I Wore Thursday

I love to see what people are wearing almost as much as seeing where and how they live. Does that make me weird?
Of course I missed What I wore Wed. so this is What I Wore Thursday.
Dress..Tracy Porter 
Jeans... 7
Boots..Knockoff Frye from Target
Cardigan and necklace..JCrew
Leopard tote..Boutique on the Vineyard 15 years ago
Bangles....antique shop

The only full length mirror is in Stephen's room. 
And it obviously needs some Windex.


  1. And you look absolutely adorable! Love the combo...the dress is adorble. I've been wearing jeans and dresses a lot lately with a cardigan. Totally cute and comfortable!!

  2. I have to laugh at my old black, bleach stained sweatpants and ratty white"ish" sweatshirt right now. I'm inspired. Tomorrow I'll try harder!

  3. Love it! Fabulous and stylish!
    I have to bring Emilys full length mirror into my bathroom, There is no where for me to even stand in her room...because of all the clothes on the floor!

  4. You look GREAT!! I really need to go shopping:))

  5. Totally cute!!
    I can see so much of you in Hannah....even the way you both stand is the same!!:)
    So sweet
    Have a happy day

  6. love it love it love it ... the leopard bag is to die for!!

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  8. You are too cool! Love your outfit. Next time you need to get closer so we can really see how fab you look. ;)

    PS...if those are your photos in your header, it looks like you totally know what you're doing w/your camera!!! :)

  9. I really love your style!