Thursday, May 12, 2011

Today Around the House

Griffy and I went to Whole Foods today.
Is it weird that I could walk around that store all day?
We also went to the bookstore.
I could spend hours in there too.
Finally got Simplicity Parenting which I've been wanting to read.

Then Griffy took a nap and I made the Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins.
If you are from New England you remember Jordan Marsh.
It's now Macy's which is a total bummer I think.
I remember going to downtown crossing in Boston with my Nana when I was little.
Jordan's had a bakery on the first floor and these are the best blueberry muffins ever.

I'll put the recipe on my cooking blog. 

Dinner...I make this a lot for lunch on the weekends but had some extra grilled chicken in the fridge so thought I'd make it into a meal. Cuban rice and beans in a wrap. I'll put the recipe on my cooking blog. So easy and great for leftovers in the lunchbox the next day.

I know. I'm a bad mother for posting this. Seriously, the kids hands are either down the back or the front. 
All. Day. Long.



  1. You'll have to let us know how the book is. I'm always looking for a good read.

    Blueberry muffins are my favorite! I'll have to try these.

    I have a 10 year old that always has his hands in his pants!!!! Seriously, does it ever stop?

  2. That's too funny! Mine keeps taking her diaper off ... all .. the . time.

  3. How can you resist a cute bare bum?

  4. Yeah for Simplicity Parenting...I know you will love it!
    I remember Jordan Marsh from the olden days in Fl too. And a day in Whole Foods and the book store sounds perfect.
    Can't wait to try those muffins.
    Have a happy night

  5. Griffy is going to kill you one day!!!!!! :)
    You are the best cook. Wish I was your neighbor.

  6. Hey, Pam! I just bought that book for my Kindle! Looking forward to getting into it too!

  7. Super cute hiney! And I loved Jordan Marsh when I lived in Miami... my mom would take me there as a treat!

  8. oh must check out that book...I still have LOTS of parenting yet to do :)
    I love whole foods too, but I do not have one close. I have to take Lucy to a birthday party tomorrow and there is one in that town, so we might have a little field trip!

  9. I am at Whole Foods at least twice a week--I have one minutes from my house. I want a job there someday (I'm serious!) would love to have that discount. Plus, it would be fun! Never heard of that book, so thanks!

  10. cracking up!!! I'm reading about all this yummy food (remember JM, but not the bakery portion)...and then I see that adorable little tushy. So funny!

    Never heard of Simplicity Parenting. Don't have any WF around here. Is that the only place that carries it?

  11. yay, this post is finally back up for me to read ... blogger's been totally fried these last couple of days and this post was no accessible even though I could see it in my news feed - boo! Glad to finally see it b/c YES I totally remember jordan marsh - but from florida, not boston ;-) and yes yes yes to Whole Foods, it's addictive ... going to check that recipe right now, yum!