Saturday, May 14, 2011


This month is nuts. We just have so much going on in our lives...I'm ready for it to slow down. Last night  we had 2 baseball games on either side of town, ballet, the variety show at the middle school, picking up the Tux. Stephen is going to the prom this year with his good friend Emma. How can I have a kid in diapers and one going to the prom? And I'm sorry..but we always referred to the prom as THE prom. Not just prom. 

Dinner last night... I made these roasted tomatoes from the cookbook Fast, Fresh and Green that I got for my birthday last year..(thanks Roxie!), do they make your house smell good. We had them over pasta and as a crostini topper with my homemade bread. 

Hannah's violin recital Thursday night...

May is crazy.
I don't think June will be much lighter either until school gets out.

And I really should be backing up my blog.
Someone just said that to me the other day and within hours blogger was down.
Just one more thing on the to-do list.


  1. ha! May-hem is absolutely right ... we are in the thick of it too :(
    so how does one back up a blog?? I lost about 7-8 comments on my Wednesday post - everything blogger action from Thursday went into a time vortex somewhere and has vanished (including your previous post for a while - strange?!) ... sigh ... just one more thing on the May to-do list ...

  2. I love the title May-hem is right. Seriously I am about to lose it. Lacrosse, horses, school stuff, piano it never ends. Happy Weekend.

  3. Yes, Crazy May! But can I say, reading your blog makes my mouth water! Wish I were eating dinner at your house most nights! xo

  4. May is crazy for sure! And Jesse started getting my blogs made into book form. So far I only have 2007 and 2008. We need to get on the rest of them.

  5. May-hem! I love it!! I have always said that when you have school kids, spring makes Christmastime feel like the middle of February...
    NO time is busier than May and June when you have kids!!!
    BTW - Your kids are gorgeous!! :)