Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today Around the House

I love this tea.
And I love the tin it comes in! 
I keep all my tins.
Maybe someday I'll host a tea and use them to decorate.
Wanna come?

You know I love my Mrs. Meyers.
 The geranium candle is the best!

Dinner last night.
Ina's lemon chicken again.
So good with couscous and green beans!

When everyone is sick I really scrub the house.
I love how my house smells after cleaning the floors with Murphy's oil soap.
And really love all the Method cleaners for granite, stainless and wood. 
They smell good too!

Have you tried these?
They are so good and contain all good stuff.
I bought mine at Whole Foods but found them at a speciality grocery store too.
Shake them up before you freeze them.

Here's What I Wore Wednesday..
Trench...Banana Republic years ago
Leggings...Gap Body
Striped shirt, pearls, flower bobby pin..JCrew
Hunter boots
Rain Rain and more Rain.


  1. Dinner looks wonderful! I love your rainy day look too.

  2. I need to find that tea...I have one of their tins...I love them!
    Dinner looks delish, never made Ina's lemon chicken!
    I just picked up more method granite spray, it was $1.98 at Target, I hope they are not discontinuing it...maybe just changing the bottle.
    LOVE your out know!!

  3. I'll come for tea!
    I'll have to try this kind. The tins are adorable! I need to try the method sprays. You look so the whole look!

  4. Everything looks great! I also love the prom motorcade!!!

  5. i lost my mojo on about day 3-4 of all this rain, it's gotten downright depressing around here lately ... yet you look fabulous, love the outfit! By the way, yes I'll come to tea ... but can I also stay for dinner?! HOW do yo put such amazing dinners together after juggling all the rest of it, it's incredible!! yum yum ...

  6. I love that tea tin. It's so cute. I love Mrs. Meyer's, but have never tried their candles. Are they soy? I will go check. I will add one to my grocery list. The lemon chicken sounds delicious too! This may sound silly, but your pictures always seem to put a smile on my face. When I come to your blog I feel calm and peace.

    And I LOVE the prom post below. I have never seen kids arriving that way. I guess we are boring down here in Texas! :) Loved that!

  7. I can smell your clean house all the way over here! mmm.....

    Those frozen fruit treats look great. My girls would be all over those. I'll have to see if they sell them locally.

    Love your trench and rain boots. You're adorable!

  8. My grandchildren LOVE those Smoozes too!
    What a great idea to keep the tea tins...

  9. Wish I could join you for a meal. You always cook the most tasty things!