Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quiet(er) Weekending

Griffy found Nutella
Carnivals and Frenzy's
Ice Cream and Baseball
Library and School Projects
Reading and Summer Lists
Begging for a dog
Begging for a boat
Car Crap
Dryer Broken
Shopping and Cleaning
Wine on the porch
3 Mice down


  1. I love your lists. I need to start doing this....the weekends can be so fun and exhausting too. The car crap and dryer broken sound familiar. We've had both of late, and I'm pretty sure I can add the AC to the list. Oy. Way to go on the mice, and sorry about the fevers. Sofi had a fever last was a long two days...but good just to settle down and have time with her before school gets out. Happy Monday!

  2. geez, your weekend was all over the place, pam! the joys of nutella and carnivals all the way to the pains of a fever and a broken dryer ... high highs and low lows for sure ;-)

  3. I love the Nutella face! :) Sound like you had a good weekend mixed in with some yuck like the broken dryer and fevers. I am all for a quiet weekend too! I like the ones where nothing is written on our calendar.

  4. we are "debating" the dog issue here...what to do??? sounds like well deserved wine after the car and dryer!

  5. sorry to hear about the mice, car trouble, and dryer breakdown, big ugh!! I like the wine on the porch!! Hmmm, begging for a boat, that sounds fun!! hugs, cathy