Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Around the House

I don't iron. Or polish.
When my mom comes to visit she does those things for me.
But really I prefer a basket of un-ironed napkins. 
We don't use paper napkins.
But I do use paper towels.
I'm not ready to give those up yet.

I do use my re-usable grocery bags!
And now I use veggie bags instead of the plastic ones at the store.
My friend Catie told me about these bags.
I bought a few of them and I'm hooked.
Next on my go green list is re-usable ziploc bags.
I use a million of them a day in lunches! 

Steve's lunchbox.
It's called a tiffin. 
Isn't it cute?
3 stackable containers.
Can't you picture me kissing him goodbye in the morning on his way to work and saying "don't forget your tiffin!"
(I got it at Whole Foods)

Chicken enchiladas
Mexican chopped salad
Corn bread

Library books

This was in my mailbox yesterday.
Addressed to Steve and I.
From Hannah.
I think she's trying to tell us something.


  1. Okay....I love her! I think you need to break down and do it. it is a lot of work in the beginning, but Nelly is already settling in and I would be so sad if I didn't have her.
    Love Steve's lunch box and love the cherries. Aren't they so good right now? Happy Tuesday!

  2. we are getting a lot of puppy pressure over here as well - must be the time of year? My 12 year old also wants a golden, dying for one in fact, but I just can't go that big ... I'm thinking more like maybe a boston terrier or a pug? it's a big divide - hence, we're in gridlock ... btw, hannah's handwriting is amaaaaazing, geez!

    btw, your dinners are amazing, so many yummy choices - how in the world do you find the time?!

  3. I love that reusable bag too! I haven't been to a Whole Foods in years. I need to go! :)

    I don't iron, or polish, or dust. Well, I dust when I really can't stand it any more. I can vacuum every day, I love doing that, but I hate to dust.

    You dinner looks delicious. I always love your dishes. They are fun and festive! I saw a polka dot casserole dish like that the other day and loved it.

  4. we use cloth napkins, too.

    i'm so glad you love your bags from laurie! they are the best {and she is such a sweetheart}.

    love the tiffin {rhymes with griffin}

    sounds like it's puppy time for you ♥

  5. we use cloth napkins too..and yes, I still buy paper towels sometime too!
    glad you got your bags and love them...still need some for veggies, I do :)
    you know...if you let Hannah get her puppy, I am pretty sure it will suspend that baby urge of yours for awhile..hee hee

  6. Love your locker basket for your napkins. And your Tiffen. We call it a Bento Box. I use a sectioned Tupperware that looks kind of like those Lunchables containers for lunches. I rarely use a plastic baggie anymore. I am not good about being really "green," but I the baggie thing is my "thing." :)

    And that puppy letter is the cutest thing I've seen all day! :)

  7. Your dinners always look so yummy, and I love your dishes.

    A puppy isn't easy, but man are they cute, and the kids are good ages. Summer is a good time to get one because it's easier to take outside to do it's business:)) Good luck

  8. Well, you have been wanting another baby........puppies are like babies, but even harder! Maybe you will rescue an older one? Laughin' at Catie's comment!

  9. Love it all...especially sweet Hannah's plea. :) Puppies are a lot of work...and so fun for the kids. That said, two dogs is too many with the stages my kids are in right now. I'm the one doing most of their care. :( I need to get some of these veggie bags!

  10. Hi Pam :)
    I was just looking at your older posts and I need to tell you again HOW FAB YOU LOOK!!!! Good grief!
    OK, that's done... :) I think Hannah is hysterical..."Dear Mother and Father..." Ha! I can't wait to hear how this one unfolds. You need to talk to Jill about her new puppy Rodger...
    As for me...well, I have had dogs all my life and I love them too death. :) We had to put our 16 yr old pupp-o to sleep last summer. So sad:( but it was time. :( But let me tell you...I'm done. No more dogs for me. I'm old. Don't wanna be 60 and still pickin up poop ya know! Hubby, however, feels differently. I told him we will end up in divorce court over this one! :) ...I found the FUNNIEST (well I think it is...) sign in a little shop and I had to buy it...it says..."Life Begins When The Kids Move Out And The Dog Dies" I know. I'm mean. But really - c'mon - you smiled - right?? :) He won't let me hang it in his office so it's on my desk instead. Quite the conversation piece. :)
    Kids need their dogs though...hmmmm...
    And I love my cloth napkins. Sometime people don't know what to do with them when they eat over. Like they are too special to use or something. Most of mine are red - hides a lot. :) Black would be good too! :)
    I have been reusing those produce bags. I keep a few in the bottom of all my shopping bags. Ready when you need 'em.
    One more thing...can I come over for dinner sometime? Suppertime at your house always looks so yummy!
    Love you Honey -
    MA :)

  11. You should get a puppy. The kids will love it and the faces are adorable. You could even adopt a 8 month to 1 year old dog. They seem to be in an abundance out here. It seems most people get rid of their dogs right before they become "easy". So sad. I had Gracie since she was 7 weeks old. The first 6 weeks were tough. I was up every two hours taking her outside. Most of the time I was cleaning the crate out at least 2 times a night (I can't even count the daytime messes). When she hit that 3 month old stage and had the muscles to hold it through the night I was pretty stoked. I may have even scared her the first night she didn't make a mess in her crate because I was singing and dancing and so happy with her. Going through puppyhood with her was one of the funnest things I've done and totally worth every minute. I, however, didn't get a chewer. She was hard as heck to potty train but she certainly has never been a chewer.

    If you do decide to get a dog, do your research. Sometimes the cute breeds aren't the best breeds for a family.