Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ahh...The Sweet Smell of Bus Exhaust

This is where we spent our official last day of summer. The last storm washed up a lot of icky seaweed so we've been going to the Bay side of the beach. It's the best place to watch the sunset and Steve found us our own private beach. The water is a bit warmer and the kids can dig for clams.

Can you see the water squirting up from the sand? That's a clam.
Then Hannah made a house for the clams. See where she wrote "Clam House"...
I'm really sad to see the Summer go.
But we were sooo happy to see that big yellow bus this morning!! There goes my big 10th grader...and my sweet little 7th grader.
And my tired little 3rd grader...
And this little 14 month old missed them all day long. A nap for both of us was just what we needed...Goodbye Sweet Summer! You were great!


  1. Lucky you, a nap day.
    Hope the day was good for your kids and went by slowly for you!
    Our kids had a super early release today at 12:15. Wasn't quite ready to see their smiley faces yet.

  2. Hope it all went well. That nap sounds so good. Maybe tomorrow!

  3. So bittersweet, isn't it? Please tell me you're all safe....are you getting any high winds with Earl looming around the east coast? Kisses for sweet Griffey...looking so cool in his shades!
    Hannah and Will too....Stephen is so grown up!
    Love you Pam!

  4. What a great place to wrap it all up!
    Your little Hannah is so beautiful!!
    And how do you get Griffy to keep his hat on? Aubrey?? No-way!!
    Enjoy your Target trip

    How has the sleeping through the night been going??

  5. Everyone off at our house too and my 14 month old is cranky as can be. Not very excited to actually have to pretend to try out those things called legs. And what's with this floor biz?? No way. Far to used to being carried around ... and now it's mom's turn.

    Hope your's is more content with the one on one! :)

  6. Enjoy your day! I'm taking a personal day, after I clean the kitchen. I'm going to make dinner, then create, decorate and treat myself to a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. A trip to the gym is proabably in order too. Ah...I'm beat.

  7. Summer WAS really sweet to your family and I enjoyed it through your eyes! I ditto Kelly...hope you aren't being blown around by that meanie Earl.
    Hugs galore!!!!

  8. OMG! A kid named JOSH was on my computer: ha! The above comment is really from moi aka "Vava."

  9. I said goodbye on Tuesday to my three Gr.10, 6 and 3-er. it was our eldest's first year at a big high school. She's loving it though. Like you, we arrived home from holiday's only four days before. It was chaotic and now I'm just starting to emerge from the laundry. Looking forward to the routine though.

  10. Hi Pam...we are waiting for Earl in NC. The day is gray and the winds have started slowly. It should be here tonight. Andy came by and helped me get things off the patio etc... now we wait.
    Your kids are so cute...all the different stages are represented. Kisses to Griffy. I foresee many naps this fall with you two. :)

  11. Love all these pics Pam!
    We start on Wed!!!!!

  12. What great pictures! It's always hard to see the Summer end, but I love the anticipation of Autumn days! It looks like you had a wonderful Summer, packed with fun and surprises!