Saturday, August 28, 2010


Yesterday some of our friends from NH came to visit. Man I miss those girls. We had such a great time catching up.  And the jumping fun. Stole that cool idea from this  great mom and photographer.

These are two of Hannah's best girlfriends...I love that even though they don't see each other that often they just pick right up where they left off. I hope they'll always be friends. I know I'll always be friends with their you girls!
 They all HAD to jump off the bridge..(check that off the summer list..can you believe I'm STILL doing a summer list? ) ..Kyra went first..brave girl.
Then Hannah...she always holds her nose when she jumps.
Then Madeline...
Loved seeing you girls.
Thank you for driving down.
So glad we're friends.

After they left I started thinking about the friendships I've had...and how lucky I am to have had these women in my life. Starting way back while Steve was flying helicopters in the military. I met so many great women through that experience. And although I'm not a big of our dear friends found me and I've loved reading about her life here. Her husband went through flight school with Steve. When we met, Eileen had just one adorable little boy, Will...and not only did we find out that we were both pregnant on the same day (my first...her second)...we delivered on the same day also! I have such wonderful memories of us rooming together in the hospital in Alabama. Eileen and Travis have 9 children now! They live in a gorgeous farm house with chickens and cows and she homeschools. Can I come visit you Eileen??

Not a great scan job but here are the babies with Steve and Travis...

* "Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only until this meeting that a new world is born." ~ Anais Nin


  1. Just beautiful Pam. The same can be said of cyber friends are very real to me!

  2. Pam...This has brought me to tears!!! I am so thankful to have found you again :) We would love for you to visit, too!
    Can you believe how long ago Alabama was? And as I type at midnight, I'm waiting for Will to pull in the driveway -any second...Our babies are growing up. Thanks so much for posting this. I can't wait to tell Travis. Please give Steve and your children my love. I did get to meet one of them!!(And he is so handsome and sweet looking)

    PS- Your pictures are fabulous. The bridge is beautiful. Is that near your house? It reminds me of the bridges in Berks County, PA, where my parents are from.

  3. Friends....oh cannot live without them. And I count you as ONE!!!! Love your Hannah-banana SO much.

  4. Precious post! How cool is that you were able to re-connect with friends thru fb!!! Loved the pic of your sista scooping free ice cream in an earlier post!!