Thursday, August 26, 2010

What to do when it rains on the Vineyard

The first few days of our vacation were beautiful...and then the rain came. I swear it was raining sideways. But, we made the best of it. One day we drove the entire island. Here we are in Aquinnah...
Gay Head Cliffs..a must see on your trip to the Vineyard. JFK Jr.'s plane went down a few miles out from here...11 years ago

Squiby beach...check off the summer list.
The Flying Horses..the oldest working carousel. Here is Hannah trying to catch the brass ring....And Griffy's first ride.

The kids...ok, and going to the General Stores. Alleys' and the Katama general store. Old fashioned toys, candy, lobsta rolls..

We spent a small fortune at the Candy store in Edgartown...

who doesn't want Crab crap?
And it wouldn't be a vacation for me without a stop at the bookstore. And of cream. My sister and her husband run 3 ice cream shops there. There she is...scooping free ice cream for all of us. Thanks Jen.


  1. LOVE the look on Will's face with that bag of candy. He reminds me so much of Micah. Must be a first-grade boy thing. Hope you found a good book or two.

  2. glad you are back! missed reading your posts. Griffy gets cuter everyday!!

  3. That general store looks like m,y kind of place.
    And what my hubby wouldn't do for a lobster roll!!:)
    Love those rainy day picture and those cliffs area AMAZING!
    Enjoy the day

  4. Love the first fun! And, the picture of the outside of the general store looks like it could be a postcard!
    And, I agree...Griffy does get cuter everyday!

  5. Looks like a wonderful way to spend a vacation.So glad you've been enjoying yourself. This summer has just flown by. Welcome back school starts and real life sets back in.xoxo

  6. I could spend all day in those general stores!!
    What a fun time...rain or shine! xoxo

  7. Yes, you had a grand time, fo sho! Love your family!!!! And give me a lobsta roll (or two!).
    Happy Friday! xoxo

  8. Breath taking views from the cliff!
    I definitely want to visit the Vineyard some time. It looks like such a quaint place. I love the picture of the general store. You have such an eye for interesting pictures!

  9. My heart is in Nantucket but I love the Vineyard too!
    sandy toe

  10. What's the name of the ice cream shop? Mad Martha's? I grew up on the Cape and loved visiting the Vineyard and Nantucket - what a great family vacation!