Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Weekends

Our weekends have been filled with beach, and boat rides and family times. Saturday we took the kayak out and Hannah was out there paddling around for hours. When she was done she told Steve and I about all the places she wants to visit...India is high on her list of travel destinations. She is adventurous that girl.
I feel so lucky to live where I live. We've been here 2 years now and although we've lived in so many different places..I can't imagine living anywhere else. From Alabama to Germany to Kentucky to Pennsylvania to New Hampshire...this is where we belong. Back home...on this beach...close to these people..
Yesterday was my family's annual get together. The one time a year that my whole family gets together...We have fun...the 11 cousins play..and we laugh. A lot. I love these people.
Another great Summer Weekend.


  1. I want to kiss this baby's neck!!!!
    What a great family you have, Pam, and I agree...
    it's an incredible feeling when you are right there where you belong, surrounded with all you love. xo

  2. You ARE right where you belong! sweet!

  3. oh i love how happy you are with you can feel it in the way you share with us...
    and that grif is getting tooo cute....big kiss on his little baby neck from me too!

    melissa xx

  4. I'm not sure if you've ever said where you live...but it looks like a beautiful place to rasie your family. What a great feeling to love where you live...I've never been crazy about Pennsylvania! Great family photo...the boy with his back turned cracks me up!

  5. Look at those eylashes!

    It's nice that you feel so at home.
    Have a great week!

  6. I want to eat that baby! His teeth are hilarious. I always laugh when those first few top teeth come in.
    And your family--wow. You and your sis look exactly alike. And I know what you mean about finally finding where you belong. Glad you're there.
    Kiss Griffy for me, and enjoy the beach. We're headed to school Wednesday. Can't say I'm sad about it, either.

  7. Adore the teeth! My own has hers coming in much the same way. It kills me with every toothy grin.

  8. Why I feel the happiness all the way from Hampshire to those toes.
    Happiness is something we should all choose!

  9. Large family get togethers are the best and create wonder memories for your children! Your summer has been fantastic Pam!

  10. What an absolute sweetie Griffin is!! You captured some beautiful pictures of him in this post.

    I am sooo glad that your liked that book! You know, I think I commented on your post the day before we left for our vacation, and I kept wanting to write you back that day but the packing got the best of me!! I wanted to tell you to REALLY get that know how when you get a book recommendation from people and your're like "yeah, yeah"....but I knew this book was so YOU! I can't wait to hear more of your thoughts on it later. Aubrey is sleeping through the night now (knock, knock) and has been for quite awhile. I hope you are seeing some progress too.
    Enjoy the night

  11. Love this picture. You are so lucky to have "get together" reunions, I wish I live near my family too.