Friday, August 6, 2010

Birthdays, Baseball, Boat rides and Beer

Our week has been full...Will turned 8! We had a family get together and Will got all things baseball. He loves to play it..(Red Sox of course) about it..collect the cards...and he hasn't taken his teams hat off all summer. He even sleeps with it on. Happy Birthday Buddy!
My neice Cameron has been here visiting from Texas. We love listening to her accent. She thinks we sound weird. She and Hannah are the same's nice for Hannah to have a girl around in this boy-filled house. We painted pottery..
And went to the Vineyard...they jumped off the bridge there. Steve had my camera in New York which was a total bummer.
But I loved seeing the pictures of him playing...

Yesterday we took the ferry into Boston to the Aquarium...this sweet woman from Russia came up to me on the boat and told me how lovely and well behaved my children were. (I didn't tell her that one of them was my neice...for a few minutes I pretended to have 5 kids)...Anyway, what mom doesn't love to hear that? Although, she must not have heard some of the arguing and Will talking about when he sneezes he farts. Not so lovely.
I love Boston.
And don't you love Sam's Summer? It tastes really good on a ferry after a long day!


  1. Love Sam's Summer and love when people tell me my kids are well behaved. I like to keep the fact that they are crazy at home as my little secret. xoxoxo!!

  2. Your kids are beautiful! I love the pic on the ferry with Will's arms coming out of Griffy's head.
    Occasionally I've gotten the 'well-behaved' comment. And I treasure those moments. Because they are realllllly rare.
    When can I come visit? Love to see Boston!

  3. just had to clarify that the previous comment is mine and not from some random Brad guy.

  4. Love your your your life! Lucky girl!!!

  5. I'm with Dianne! I sooooo enjoy going through your life with you. Cheers!

  6. What fun pictures of summer! Love the one of Hannah hlding Griffin. Love it!
    I would love to visit Boston one day!
    Have a geat weekend!

  7. Happy Birthday Will!! Such summer family fun, and I love all the photos! XOXO

  8. i heart Boston too!!! when we were living in the city my husband had a company party at the Aquarium after hours.....with a glass of wine in hand we got to explore favorite was seeing the penguins all cuddling while they slept. Great pictures!!!! Sounds like you had a great time!!!