Monday, August 2, 2010


Kinda ready for this to end. His last game of the season is tomorrow night. They won in Cooperstown NY. I didn't go. What a bad mom..I know. The ride was just too long for me...I mean the baby. So Hannah and Griffy and I went to the Vineyard to visit my mom and sister. Steve had the camera in NY so no pictures.

Girffin is NOT sleeping. all. The night I slept at my sisters he woke up to nurse at midnight, two, four, four thirty and six. HELLO! Are you two weeks old or almost 14 months? I walk around in a complete fog all day long. I'm seeing double just typing this right now. I really hate letting babies cry it out...I just can't do it. I'm thinking of sleeping on the couch for a few nights..ya right. I love my bed too much...Anyone have some great advice on getting babies to sleep through the night? If you should write a book..I'll buy it.


  1. The only way I could get Tucker to sleep through the night without me was to let him cry it out.
    It almost killed me.
    So no good suggestions from me. Sorry. Try to rest when you can (ya, right).

  2. i wish i could help you. we were not a cry it out family. that could be why Izzie was still getting up for a bottle at 18 months old twice a night. i will say a prayer that you will get one good nights sleep. sometimes that can do wonders.

  3. No advice...I can't hardly remember that stage! Just hoping you get some sleep...that "it won't be like this for long" song comes to my mind!
    Love the new header!

  4. Sorry to say that crying it out is probably the answer...although, it seems to me that if he were not hungry maybe he would sleep longer. Can he eat a really good meal before sleeping? I used to give my babies oatmeal at night because it was so filling and they did sleep longer. Good luck, I know that tired feeling oh so well. You just want to cry for no reason.

  5. I do have advice...but you might not like it, 'cause it is not easy to fix.
    He may just be having trouble putting himself back to sleep when he wakes up. We all have sleep cycles and he is waking up on those ligt cycles. If you usually nurse him to sleep...he just needs to learn to get himself back to sleep without help.
    When you nurse him at night...gently wake him up...then put him to bed awake. He may~ WILL cry...give him about 10 min - longer if you can stand it. Then just pat him on the back or talk to him, but don't nurse him again to sleep.
    This will be so hard for sure. It usually takes four nights, seriously.
    Same thing in the middle of the night. He really isn't hungry (if he is eating good during the day) , he is just comforted to sleep by nursing.
    You really do have to use your judgement on how long to let him cry. It is really hard, I know.
    I am a postpartum nurse and give out lots of advice...I always tell people "only take advice that you feel comfortable with." Hope it helps and I hope you get sleep soon!

  6. Hi Pam,
    So sorry about the no sleep thing!
    I HEAR you!! We are at a good place right now!(fingers crossed I am not jinxing myself with this!! :)) Aubrey was still waking up to eat maybe once or twice during the night at 9 months, which seemed much later then the other two. Mostly because she is the only one who didn't suck her thumb and I think and she just needed me for comfort. At about 10 months I decided that enough was enough. :) I read a great book, The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley and gave her advice a try. I never really let her cry it out. I would let her fuss a bit and maybe go for 10 min or so but nothing that was ever too crazy...I would just go in and pick her up and try and soothe her that way but not nurse her. Rock...humm...shhh. it took awhile and then she just did it. We still have nights where she needs a little help, but I never have to nurse her to sleep now. Hope this all makes sense. Good luck!!!
    Sending sleepy thoughts your way....

  7. Jen's advice is spot on!
    He is not hungry (not at this age) but wants comfort.
    He's getting the age where he needs to learn to comfort himself.
    Trust me, I know it is hard, cause I remember being there and I hated the crying. But in life, you can't always have what you want, and he is at the age where he needs to learn he is not boss, you are. You'll be thankful if you do it now, cause it will just get harder as he gets older!
    Really, I sympathize, it is not easy!!!!!!!!

  8. yikes!! i remember those nights!!! we did the crying out method...or i should say hubby took over because i could not let them would kill me!!! i would be crying too!!! so i would go for a quick walk around the block or a bath to relax...and they would be asleep. We also didn't completely let them cry...we would go in every 5 minutes and rub their head and ssshhhhh...never picking them up. hang in there!!!! thoughts and prayers to you!!!!!!