Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

4 kids and the beach is what drives me here every Wednesday. I swear you could build your own sand castle in my car. Griffy does not like the car wash one bit....thank goodness for big sisters. 

Wednesday is our Farmers Market day too. Today was eggplant and pickling cukes....

And of course tomatoes. We've been eating lots of Caprese salads..BLT's...and plain ol' tomato sandwiches on old fashioned white bread with a bit of salt and mayo. There is nothing better.  Can you believe how early everything is this year? We've been trying to go blueberry picking and everyone is closed! Just might have to make the drive up to Maine. Here is what I did with the eggplant good! I hope you're enjoying all the delicious fruits and vegetables right now! Before you know it we'll be buried with snow making chicken soup!


  1. Our tomatoes are way over. Glad to see someone's still enjoying them.
    Poor Griffy!
    And are you thinking retreat this October? It's in your backyard this time? I'm in if you are . . .

  2. Oh heaven! We grew pickling cukes in Idaho and made pickles...I'll have to do that again. Nothing better than a delicious, dripping tomato
    sandwich! Griffy is breaking my heart, but Hannah is so wonderful and sweet with him. xoxo

  3. Aww poor can see how much big sister adores him in this picture.

    Our tomatoes right now are heavenly. Last night we had tomato/mayo sandwiches and they were so good! Too bad they can't be like that all year round!

  4. oh poor griffy!!! only us blogging mothers think to grab the camera and capture it!!!

  5. That sweet baby is clinging to Hannah. He looks bigger than in the world does she lift him. I love that picture!