Monday, September 13, 2010

Canning and The Cape

Is anyone else crazy busy? Do you miss summer yet? I think I do already. I miss my built in babysitters that can watch Griffy while I get stuff done..or better yet, excercise. We've already missed the bus once..have fallen behind on some homework and have even had one kid home sick. It's going to be a long school year.

So you know my latest obsession? Canning. I know..any reason to put an apron on and I'm there. You know I love my if I could just get the darn sewing machine out and make my own I'd really be a happy girl. Anyway, this summer I made jam and pickles. And today I made tomato sauce. I went to the farm stand and bought 14 pounds of Plum tomatoes.

5 hours and a messy kitchen later..I had these babies.

This weekend we were down on the Cape for a family get together. My sister in law and her family rented this gorgeous beach house. Man do I miss living in an old house. Someday. Right Steve?

Thanks for having us Nancy and Ed!


  1. Hi Pam -
    Yes - I definitely am missing summer already! It seems like it left so quickly this year - no warning, just gone! Your tomato sauce looks so good. And your pickles looked great too - the jars are almost too pretty to open!

  2. YES I am missing the long sweet days of Summer. My world has been turned upside down. My crazy hours are split between the morning and the late afternoon/evening. It's nuts around here. I'm trying to find a balance while my 4 kids are all gone....shouldn't complain I know. Struggling with trying to feed my soul, be productive, and take care of this old house, and what I should volunteer for.... The school stuff can zap you on a daily basis.
    I'm so impressed by your canning. Wow!

  3. Great sun setting in the background.....I laughed so hard that night, my head hurt in the

  4. Canning gets in your blood once you start, doesn't it? I haven't done tomatoes in a while. Maybe your next project should be meat. It's harder, but it is a fun adventure, nevertheless.

  5. Yes...things are quite busy here too and we are not even near the crazy holiday season!!

    I miss my built-in babysitters too. I guess I never realized how much they played with her until they weren't here anymore! Getting stuff done is reduced to about 2 min spurts and exercise...forget it! She is not a "ride in the stroller for hours" type of baby like I see some walkers/joggers out with....bummer!! For me to go on a long walk she would need to be in the carrier...I guess it would increase my cardio burn!!
    Enjoy the day

    Tomatoes look great!

  6. Pam... I am in LOVE with your photography~ Those tomatoes... and the TP bowl... wow... GORGEOUS. :)

  7. You are one busy mama!!!! The pictures are just beautiful, the colors and the angles. You need to ut your feet u while all the kids are in school. Does Griffey nap? You should too.

  8. I was so desperate to get the kids back to school, but now I am missing summer too. I thought maybe some of problems would go away. Just got a mom's CA is back. She is scheduled to have a 10 hour surgery with 2 thoracic surgeons in October. Definitely puts things in perspective. I was just wondering if your mom was doing Ok. I am hoping. I was thinking of you today...and how strong you are. How did you make the tomato sauce? Can you e-mail it to me Also..I was going to try and meet Kerry at Legacy place next week. Come if you can?!

  9. Crazy busy! Yes!
    Your cans are gorgeous! I'd love the tomato sauce recipe too.

  10. I love canning! Haven't done it since Idaho....maybe time to start again. Got to have
    those gorgeous summer tomatoes all winter long!
    BTW...LOVE the pic of you and Steve on your header...I know why you're giggling!!;) xoxo!