Monday, September 20, 2010

Thanks Coach

This is Stephen's 3rd year rowing..first on Varsity. It is such a cool sport to watch and we've met so many great families through it.  He trains really hard to be on the team. At one point he was complaining about how hard it was this year and he didn't seem to be enjoying it as much. His coach recognized this and put him in a seat that made him work even harder. When I picked him up that evening he was so excited because he had a great practice. I think he just needed someone (besides his parents) to believe in him. That's good coaching in my opinion.

When did organized sports become so competitive?  Kids are being groomed at 5 years old to be the next star lacrosse player. I don't get it. I don't like it either. If you haven't picked up a lacrosse stick or a football before middle school you can probably forget trying out.

We need more coaches out there like Stephen's crew coach. It's not about winning the race or the game as much as it is about boosting your kids self-confidence.


  1. So true! I couldn't agree more. I posted something similar the other day. Love your new header!

  2. I agree somewhat, but unfortunately the reality is that it takes many years of development to skate well, handle a puck well, shoot, etc. enough to play competitively. Same with softball, baseball and on and on. A kid in 8th grade tried out for Andrew's team last year and had only played hockey and skated a few times. It was kind of sad, but it's just the way it is. My favorite story is similar to this.....a kid starting high school was getting burned out of hockey and wanted to quit. His dad suggested he try to play a different position, like goalie instead. He did, and ended up as a Fighting Irish in the net at the college playoffs 2 or 3 yrs. ago. Coaches and parents can make or break a kid. You go Stephen!! :)

  3. I totally agree. Our sport is baseball and my boys have worked so hard. It's also political in our school which is REALLY frustrating.

    I love following your blog. Totally different coast but still fun to see what it's like there.


  4. I agree...and when I was growing up, there weren't sports in kindergarten, first, second grade. The first year I could play basketball was 7th grade...when we were mature enough to handle it.
    Beautiful new header as always!

  5. I wish the competition in children's sports was downplayed a TON!!! I think it should be about developing a love for the game, good sportsmenship and being part of a team. Let them be kids for goodness sakes!!:)
    Enjoy the day got your new header done...check!
    Looks great!

  6. And now it seems that the parents are the most competitve ones of all. The kids are really wanting to have fun...and the parents are adding all the pressure to be the best!
    Sounds like Stephen has a great coach...and parents too!

  7. Our youngest son played football, basketball and ran track. I know just what you are saying. A great coach is a blessing.
    Have a pretty day!

  8. I have a good friend with a 19 year old son. He has played lacrosse FOREVER, since he was old enough to start. He got a college scholarship last year at a very prestigious private college. Guess what? He quit lacrosse this year, and the college. He looked at his mom and said, "I can't play lacrosse for a living." He is now traveling and trying to find himself. He focused so much on the sport while growing up and now feels like he missed out and needs to explore realistic options It's such a toss up. Sports and extracurricular activities are so important for our kids, but should they be the main focus on determining a kids importance and success? And when is a good time to start? And why is it too late to start for some, because it becomes so hard core!!!!

  9. I couldn't agree with you more. Unfortunately there are WAY too many school politics going on as well. Which parents choose to kiss more booty are more likely to make the team, etc. Makes me sick! I already have my in-laws talking about when I'm getting my 4 YEAR OLD (for crine out loud) into t-ball!! My response is "not this year." And when I'm asked why, I tell them that once I start we won't be able to stop. Now don't get me wrong. I was an athlete, my husband was an athlete, and my son (not trying to brag here) but he can cream a baseball being thrown to him better than most 2nd graders. I still don't feel the need to rush it. If you are good, you'll be good in a couple years, no need to fret about it. :o)

    Someone should be baking that coach some cookies and giving him kudos for great coaching!

  10. He is so grown up!!!! Bet you've got teenage girls camping in your side yard!
    Sports have become a business...pure and simple. Some of the great parents, like you, see it as a sport and character building activity..others just see dollar signs. Or worse "Winning is everything!"

    My hat is off to you for keeping it fun!

    xoxo Deb