Friday, September 17, 2010

Somebody Smack Me

Could someone please smack me over the head the next time you hear me say something along the lines of..."oh look at that cute pregnant woman..I want to be pregnant"..or..."oh to swaddle a newborn again..Steve, let's have another". Ok? Seriously. I'm done.

This was a crappy week. It was our first full week of school and man am I glad it's Friday. Remember me talking about all the sweet little one on one moments me and the baby were going to have once the kids went back to school? We'll snuggle and take naps together and read books and go to the beach.  No, instead I'm head butted every time I try to snuggle or lie down for a nap with him. I look like I've been in a fight...bruises and scratches all over my body.

 My house is trashed...meals this week were bought through a window of a drive thru...I think I showered 3 times...yelled too much..slept not nearly enough...I can't even change the header of my blog from August...

We're done...right Steve??


  1. From here, that cute little face on the top is just as sweet as the newborn shot.
    I know better.
    Sorry it was a rough week. You'll get your groove back.
    Maybe by November :)

  2. Things can be tough with just Aubrey at home too. The days she decides not to nap...oh lordy look out! I have had it and it's not even lunchtime yet!:)
    One thing that really helps me is to get out of the house at least once a day. Even if it's just to the post office and the library...heck sometimes we just get in the car and drive around!:)
    But I SOOOOOOO want another. Both neighbors behind me are due in Jan/Feb. I am hoping to sneak over and drink their water!!:)
    This too shall pass....
    Snuggle that cutie tight and enjoy the day

  3. I can so relate! We all have those days, weeks, months!! And as far as having another, well, I can relate to that too. We've had serious discussions this year about that very topic. I wish I was one of those moms that just knew they were done. Being that i'm 40 I guess I should be done. But then I read bloggers like you who have done it and survived, and even want more! God bless, and hang in there!

    I will not smack you. I will show you cute little outfits from BabyGap, and cute little crib bedding from Pottery Barn, and that is really the cutest baby in the world, so I don't have to show you any baby pictures.
    You know my first week with the kids back in school...I set my expectations so high and you know there is no where to go but down...crashing down. I've gotten back in my groove I took at least 2 weeks.

  5. you are ANYTHING but done, lady. ♥

  6. Oh yes...he looks very dangerous and mischevious. He was just waiting to get you all to himself.
    He is absolutely precious. I bet next week will be so much better!

  7. Has he stopped nursing, is he in his own bed????? Pam love, all you need is some sleep! You know what you have to do ...just do it! Your sanity is begging you. :) By the way...he is adorable!

  8. Oh Pam, I'm so going through this. I'd love another and yet, as I stand in the kitchen trying to make bread and keep it from going into the mess from which there is no return, I look down and she's scattered everything from any accessable lower cabinets all over the floor. Even tried the cuddle after the bath once the kids were off to school. She doesn't know how, I don't think. And all that screaming because I won't let her get her hands on the phone, my cell phone, the computer mouse, the keyboard .... yeah, I wouldn't miss that.

  9. I always find it much harder when the older kids are gone!! People think they're doing me a huge favor to take the older kids for a while...not so!!! It's a pain to buckle the little kids in, or read them a story, or take them outside...But your little guy is soooo adorable. His cute little face is scrumptious!

  10. oh my word...that last picture will make any woman swoon!!! i can't even imagine the sweet baby smell! having a hard time transitioning here too, i'm in a bit of a daze....not ready to give up summer!

  11. oh you are one of the lovliest mums i've ever been blessed with knowing...

    we all have those *head butting* weeks with not nearly enough down time....but they are all angels and we are very lucky...

    tomor is a new i always try to keep in mind....

    not always easy i know....

    hugs to you lovely mummy..

    melissa xx

  12. Oh, that's so relateable. But they're so cute, right?

  13. From your Kitty Mama friend Smack!!!

    But you guys do have beautiful babies!!

    Smack!!! That one was for me!

    xoxo Deborah and the furry gang

  14. trust that you will make the right decision for your awesome family:) i am laughing about the blog header! i just noticed the other day that mine says May!! funny, but I am not motivated to change it. thinking of you...i think you are missing summer, as am I! hugs,cathy