Tuesday, September 28, 2010


  I'm not one of these mom bloggers who only write about how hunky dory everything is. I'm sure you've figured that out already. I get why some moms only write about the positive stuff in their family lives..who wants to read someone whining and complaining all the time? I wouldn't read me either if that was the deal. But right now, for me..things aren't so hunky dory and I'm needing to vent...and, it's ok to be able to look back someday and think..so it wasn't all pretty sunsets all the time.

Right now I'm lacking a lot of sleep, cranky with my husband who gets to travel and stay in nice hotels and dine in fancy restaraunts while we eat frozen mac and cheese for the 3rd night this week..I'm short with the kids, barely shower, and walk around in Yo-Baby yogurt splattered clothes looking enviously at all the put together moms out there.

I do know that if we were watching the pretty sunsets every night we'd probably get bored..or we'd criticize it somehow, or not pay as much attention to it.

I just think I'm ready to go watch a pretty sunset.

And maybe sleep for 12 hours.


  1. Hang in there Pam! It's not all hunky dory is it? I love your honest posts...and wish I could put myself even farther out there. Go pour yourself a glass of wine or cup of tea, put on some comfy clean jammies, and chill out with a good book or a fluffy tv show...something for just you!

  2. Splendid sunset.
    We all have those moments...they seem to go on and on at times! I really hope you get some sleep tonight!

  3. I'm sure fancy restaurants and nice hotels is no comparison for where your hubby would rather be. I agree with Julie...take some time for you. Do something out of the ordinary...even if it's something small...different from your normal routine. And hang in there!

  4. Here's to a good night sleep!!! Julie's comment sounds good to me too. Hang in there. The sunset looks beautiful.

  5. Beautiful photograph!!! Pam, I'm sure I speak for most of your readers when I say that what is so refreshing about you is your down-to-earthedness!(guess that's not a real word, but you get the point!) We all have bad days, years, hours, minutes...but what you have, even in those rotten moments, is the gift of knowing what matters. And you're right, if we had brilliant sunsets all the time, we just might not appreciate them as much as seeing them once in a while...

  6. I've had a few days like that myself lately. They suck, don't they?
    Wish I could just pop on over with Evie and Hyrum, spend the day chatting and doing a fun project.
    Lock the door and watch some HGTV with Tracy Porter catalog.
    And how many days left until NH? Now that's something to look forward to. Wish I was gonna be there.

  7. We all know the kind of day(s) you are having!
    You know what I do that really seems to help....I ask myself what advice would I give to my dearest friend if she came to me with this same problem...and then I do that. Does that make sense?? Sometimes I feel like I am kinder and gentler with my good friends then with myself. Go to the place that makes you the happiest...the beach. Put that baby in the stroller and hit the sand. Pack a lunch and be in the moment with him. Order something for you and the kids for dinner that is really yummy and fancy and enjoy every bite. Take a deep breath...eat chocolate!!:)
    I pray that today is better for you my friend.
    Enjoy the day

  8. Just saw your comment and wanted to pop back in to say Simplicity Parenting is AWESOME!!!!! Love Love Love it!! I have read it twice before and I can't get enough. he has a web-site you can check out to, just search the title and it should pop up.:)
    Enjoy the day...again!

  9. Oh I hear you sister. I thought that September was going to be great with everyone back in school, but it has actually been more stressful! I can't get out of my own way, my runs have been stinky, and I have already had kids home sick with me. As far as the hotels etc...i feel the same way and make comments to Travis sometimes that are not very nice. It is okay to vent, I can't imagine everything perfect, then we would be quite boring right? I will hope for a big sleep for you or at least a nap! xoxoxoxo!!!

  10. Pam, I love your honesty and your sense of humor and am so with you on everything you mentioned! I don't know how other moms find the time to do and be what they want...sometimes it feels like such an unending hamster wheel! And sometimes it's such an epic undertaking to do even one thing, like clearing the table after one of the meals (let alone three). Hang in there...I'll think of you as I tackle the big and little things of the day, and just knowing you're doing it too will keep me going! xoxo

  11. Pam Love,
    Get that baby in a crib and wean the nursing!! You deserve a break.
    I love you! Dianne