Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday's Favorites

Thought I'd start a new thing on Friday's...I'm always looking for my new "favorite thing"...I swear with each pregnancy, each baby..there is always a new "something" that I wish I had with the previous pregnancy/baby. I look at maternity clothes now and think.."oh I want to be pregnant!"...With Hannah and Will I made my own baby food. I loved it and felt so good feeding them. Griffin took FOREVER to eat real food...still prefers mommas milk but we're trying. Anyway, I'm having a hard time finding the time to  make and freeze those cute little ice cube trays of homemade baby food. He loves these "Ella's Organics" baby food...and I feel good feeding them to preservatives, no added sugar, all organic fruits/veggies. And aren't these packages adorable. I'll buy anything if it comes in a pretty package. You can get them at Target. Of course.


  1. LOVE THOSE!!!
    You're right, sometimes it is all about the packaging!:) Sad, but true.
    We are still working on the "mama's milk" thing ourselves, any tips?!?!
    Looking forward to more of your favorites.
    Enjoy the day

  2. I think I would try the pumpkin one!
    The packaging gets us EVERY time...that's for sure!

  3. Sweet potato juice... hmmmm... who'd a thought!

  4. I haven't seen these in our Target. Maybe it's an East Coast thing. I'll have to look. I think the same thing every time I have a baby (of course my first came in the Dark Ages). My favorites this time around--Bumbo seats (!!!!) and Mum-mum crackers. Have you tried those? They're giant rice krispies, basically. Evie loves them.

  5. I've seen these on the grocery store aisles and in little hands around town! Genius! Why didn't they have these when I had little ones?

  6. I'm so happy to hear that someone else's child took a long time with solids, too! My son refused to even contemplate them until 8 months, and now 3 months later would rather just nurse, except for a few bites of food. I made all of my food with my daughter, but it seems pointless to make and freeze food until he actually shows and interest. I did just buy a food grinder (at Target) yesterday, since my old one (31 years old, to be exact...) wasn't cutting it anymore, literally.

    I found your blog again today, as I was reading old posts from my blog and found one where I'd linked to you: