Friday, January 20, 2012

What I do all day

We awoke this morning to a few inches of snow.
Freshly fallen snow makes everything looks so pretty.
We are expecting 4-7 more tomorrow!

By mid morning the sun melted most of the driveway.
But Griffin still loves to shovel.
Wish my 16 year old 
who needs gas money
loved it just as much.

Griffin is growing so much.
I wish he'd stay little.

I love our days together
while the big kids are off at school.
Unplanned and unorganized.
I love not having anywhere to go.

Stephen has had mid-terms this week.
So he's been home every day by noon.
Some days he'll come home
and Griffy and I are still in our pajamas.
He'll say, "is this what you do all day?"


  1. I also love having nowhere to go. I know these kind of days will be over before I can blink. Your snow looks pretty, and so inviting. Even though it's unseasonably warm here right now and so nice, I would love some snow this winter. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Lucky! You finally got your snow! Beautiful. I miss that quiet beautiful feeling.

    And I'm loving that print chair. I've tried to do animal print in my house. It's just not me, but when I see it in other people's homes, I want to try again!!

  3. Looks warm and cozy! I miss snowy days at home.... sometimes. 75 degree sunny days, down here in Texas aren't so bad.

  4. awww! i miss those toddler days! griffy is so cute!! hugs, cathy

  5. today was fun, huh? nothing like a first snow - today was all about sledding and hot chocolate and chillaxin' ... awesome!

  6. That first picture is gorgeous! You're not helping me NOT miss the snow! I'm buying a pair of those Sorels and coming up there to play with you and Griffy!!! Have a bourbon ready. :)

  7. LOL, Pam, I think we could be wonderful friends. :-) Some mothers like to have their days jam-packed to the brim, me, well, I love to have as little as possible on my plate. I wonder if my kids will look back one day and appreciate that....

    Enjoy another day of nothing!