Monday, January 23, 2012

Coming Home

Well, we got our snow!

And today Steve comes home.
He left for Dubai last Monday
and is flying home today.
All week long Griffy has been saying,
"Daddy up in air in air-pee"
We're so happy he's coming home.

Griffin loves drinking his "app-ee juice"
in little tea cups.
And then does his little dishes
while I do mine.

Friday night Stephen went to the movies.
I'm still not used to him getting into
his car and driving away.
And as much as I love the snow,
it's just one more thing for me to worry about
while he's out driving.
Hannah went to a class play Saturday night
and then had a friend over to watch scary movies.
Sunday we played in the snow
and watched the Patriots win!
 A good weekend I'd say.


  1. That picture of Will is killer!!!
    My oldest is not driving yet, but I hear ya about the snow.
    Puts out extra worry when they are on slick roads.
    But, they have to learn and we can't lock them inside....unfortunately!

  2. son is 30 and i still worry when he drives away in his car! i look up to heaven and say "Surround him with Your loving Arms of Protection and the Protection of Your Guardian Angels"

    Giants fans in this house kiddo! Go Big Blue!!! xxxx fanci

  3. Yay for snow!
    I agree...snow is one more worry with teen drivers..ugh!
    My boys loved playing with their kitchen when they were little...Lucy has that shopping cart and loads it up with all her cooking supplies and cooks in the family room!!

  4. Sounds like the perfect weekend! I love the little kitchen alongside your kitchen... so cute. I too adore these days at home; just doing the day! Every time I think about Abigail in Kindergarten next year my heart falls a bit. I can't imagine the days of hanging at home with mommy being over. And of course the questions from everyone start.... "sooooo, what are you going to do next year? You MUST be going back to work in September...." hate fielding those one after another!

    Have a wonderful day and count down to your husband coming home!

  5. David is gone this week for 7 days, 6 nights and about 8 hrs not that I am counting or anything. . .don't know how you do it all the time. . .I feel like half of me is missing!

    Jake is a huge Patriots fan. . .he is so excited!

  6. the snow really was a lot of fun - and so perfectly timed to ENJOY!! I know that in 3 years when my oldest gets on the road by herself, I'm going to be having heart attacks right and left - the aging process will speed up for sure ... sigh ... one step at a time ...

  7. Wow friend, you certainly did get your snow. It looks like a lot of fun. That 2nd picture is great! I love Griffy's curls....and I miss them on Boyd. Enjoy your husband's arrival. Truth, sometimes I really love it when Kevin leaves for a trip. I do love our time away, but I am always so very excited when he gets home.

  8. That picture of Will is fantastic. Guess this is what kids do when they have to really wait for their snow.
    I can't believe Steve's been gone that long, and that far. Sigh.
    Any further news on Paris?

  9. The picture of your son sledding down the stairs is priceless! Too funny! So glad your man is home. It sucks when they're gone, but the time apart does make you appreciate them.