Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beautiful Snow

It was so wonderful to wake up to this today!
I must admit,
I'm a bit obsessed with my weather app(s)
on my phone.
Snow was not expected.
It got me thinking.
There aren't many surprises in life anymore are there?
We can predict so much these days.
I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday.
After the older kids got off to school,
Griffin and I jumped on the ferry to the Vineyard.
We spent the day with my mom
and sister and her kids.

I had only planned on staying for lunch.
But we were having such a great time,
we stayed for dinner too.
Happy Birthday Mom!

We also celebrated Steve's birthday on the 5th.
I love that he's older than me.
I always feel so young on his birthday.

Happy Birthday Steve!


  1. your snow picture made me sigh. I would give anything for some substanial snow. This is a freaky winter with weather...and like you, I keep checking the weather apps and there is no snow predicted. So crazy! MN is known for their snowy winters.

    Taking a ferry to the vineyard sounds like a perfect little adventure for you and your wee one.

  2. Pam, your photos are lovely! you need to frame the snow covered adirondack chairs!! hugs, cathy

  3. What beautiful pictures, Pam. As lovely as this warm weather has been, I wouldn't mind at least one or two snowfalls, (preferably not in March). Quiet, snowy mornings are always such a nice surprise.

    Have a great day!

  4. The snow looks amazing. It's 42 here today, and rainy, and if you look close enough you can see a few flurries, but obviously nothing is really coming down as snow. Enjoy it!

  5. Your first photo is so, so pretty. Hope this finds all of you well and happy. xo

  6. Oh wish I could hop on the ferry to the Vineyard after dropping off the kids at school... cool!
    Happy New Year! tara

  7. love the reflection shot on the ferry ... and the last shot in the dark w/ the candles, too!! i wrote about the snow too - wasn't that such a great surprise this morning?! happy birthday to the hubs :)

  8. I keep forgetting it's winter as it feels like summer here in Cali. I actually my kids to the pool the other day! Glad to see that there was some snow fall back East. I mean a winter is just not a winter without snow :)

    My husband is the big 45 this year as well which means I turn 42, YIKES!
    I have till August though!

    I don't think there are actually 45 candles on that cake thought :)

  9. lucky...i wish it would snow here!! happy birthday to your mom and steve!! xoxo

  10. I wish it would snow here too! I love the way Griffy's looking at that cake! oxox

  11. I'm the same way with the weather lately. ..I look at the maps all the time, hoping that snow will just appear?? Glad you got a surprise!

    I'm a bit younger than David and I love to rub it in each year!

  12. Happy Birthdays all around and yay for your snow!
    I know you are happy : )

  13. such a fun blog!
    how wonderful it must be to live where you live
    & ziggy is entirely too cute!

  14. LOL! I am also younger than Jesse (barely) and feel young on his birthday as well. <3

  15. And I'm also obsessed with my weather app. And, yeah, there's alot about my life that came unexpectedly (as you know).