Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Je veux vivre a Paris

I'm starting to get restless.
I guess it's because generally we move about 
every 3 years.
Well, now we've been here for almost 3 1/2
and I'm ready to move.
To Paris.

Steve called on his way home from work
a few weeks ago asking what I thought about 
the idea of moving our family to Paris for 3 years.
The kids overheard me talking 
and now they're all pumped up about the 
possibility of moving there.

We won't know for a few months
but it's all I can think about.
We lived in Germany for 3 years
and loved being able
to travel throughout  Europe.
I keep thinking about what an awesome
experience it would be for my children
to do the same.

This picture was taken in April of '97.
(there were 951 days until the year 2000)
Stephen was Griffin's age now.
And I...was a lot younger.
28 to be exact.

Crossing my fingers.


  1. Ha! I don't know if it's the winter or what, but this is my restless time of year. And I do this same thing every three to four years.

    For the last two days my husband and I have been saying, "Want to move to California...near the beach...with a pool... where it's always green and sunny??"

    I've always said an international move wouldn't take me a millisecond to accept! What experience :)

  2. ummmm...a move to Paris is ALL I would be thinking about too!! Crossing my fingers that this could happen for your family Pam!! mmmm...houseguests???? xoxo

  3. Paris? My sister-in-law is married to a Frenchman, and we've been to France twice, with Hubert as our tour guide. I loved France. It would be harder for me to make that decision with big kids. What does Stephen think?

  4. what an INCREDIBLE experience for your kids!! and umm... YOU!! :) oh man-- i graduated in 1997 and ALL my pictures are in flowered skirts. :) i am crossing my fingers for you. :)

  5. Hey Pam - I don't think I have your right email address but I wanted to let you know that Organized Simplicity is FREE on Kindle today. I can't remember if you have a kindle...but you could use the kindle app on your iphone. Also, Brandon will be in Austria next fall and if you're in Paris he could visit you :) Anyway, email me if you get a chance so I can get your right address <3

  6. Oh my goodness, that would be amazing! My husband recently got a job that allows him to work at home--and we homeschool--so I've been dreaming of all the amazing places we could live for a spell. Paris is very tempting!

  7. Amy...how can I find out when Amazon is offering a free Kindle book??
    Thanks, Dawn

  8. How exciting! I would love to live in London or Paris for 3 years. I would just travel about and visit everything. What an amazing experience for the whole family. Your kids are wonderful that they are excited for the adventure as well. Whenever we talk about moving my kids say "no way" as it would be to difficult for them to leave their friends. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  9. wow, paris...
    you'll need that skirt ♥

  10. wow! very exciting!!

  11. I thought that was Griffin at first. I can't believe the resemblance of him and Stephen! Oh friend, Paris sounds like a dream. I hope it comes true. How wonderful to be able to live there. My husband has lived all over, and has no desire to live anywhere but Texas the rest of his life. Me, on the other hand, have big dreams to move one day. Hopefully we can come to an agreement. :)

  12. This would be an awesome experience for your family!!!
    Can't wait to see what happens.

  13. what a huge and amazing possibility - it's all i'd be able to think about too!! i'm crossing all of my fingers and toes for you - i lived in the france for a year in college and am working on getting back there sooner rather than later - wouldn't that be wild if we met there instead of here?! or about ... in addition to here?! can't wait to hear the verdict!!

  14. ohhh can I come along. . .it would be hard for me to think it might happen and then things fall thru and I'm stuck right where I started!

    David is not adventuresome and a few years ago, he was approached by his former employer to go to Scotland for a year. . .he immediately said no and I was ready to pack our bags and deal with all the problems once we got there. Oh, well. . .

    One of my favorites shows right now is House Hunters International. . .that could be you!

  15. What an incredible possibility!!! I wish my husband's job allowed us some adventure..... maybe someday.

  16. Can I come along with you? My daughter is DYING to visit Paris! Seriously, how exciting for you!

  17. Oh WOW! What an amazing experience that would be!!!!! Not just "France" but actually Paris?!??! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

  18. ahhhhhh Paris, now that is some good blog material!! keeping my fingers crossed for you! hugs, cathy