Friday, January 27, 2012

All White

When the holidays 
are over..
I usually need a break 
from color.
An all white 
mantel usually does the trick.

I can't get too comfortable here
because.. kitchen table
has been an explosion
of pink and red for the past 
few days.


  1. i agree! after the holidays, i yearn for simple. i generally take down christmas, but don't return my other stuff. a simple mantel, bookshelf, tabletop.... so soothing! love your white mantel!

  2. Oh Pam, I've been trying to recover and staring at my walls thinking, "Paint them all white" and cruising pinterest looking at all white interiors. Dying for white! Just worried about wear and tear of kids :)

  3. I love the mantle... simply beautiful! Looks like you're getting a jump start of Valentines day! Enjoy your weekend Pam, tara

  4. the mantle looks very january and oh boy does that table ever look february! have a great weekend, friend!

  5. Love the white...and the full on craft table. We need to get on it with our valentine decorating. Have a great week.

  6. I love your mantle! All the homey and comforting!

  7. the idea of all white. It does look peaceful and serene. I need to get on the Valentine train. I haven't come up with an idea yet. It's getting too close for comfort now. yikes!