Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Santorini Part 3..Blue

We rented a car one of 
the days and drove down to Perissa
and the Black sand beach.

It was a great way to see 
more of the island.

We had a great day on the beach
and had a fantastic lunch!

When I think of Oia..
I think of Blue!

when we think of Oia..
We think of..
"I am Giannis"

Giannis was our man this week!
He helped us with everything!

If you go to Oia..
hire Giannis!

We had such an amazing 
week on Santorini.
It was special because our 
whole family was together.
I cherish these times!

Within a few hours of
flying home to Paris..
we are off to Martha's Vineyard
for the summer!!


  1. Hi Pam, Where would one find Giannis? My daughter, Abbey, has chosen Santorini as the spot for her 16th birthday trip (our tradition in lieu of sweet sixteen parties), but it will be just the two of us. We're just starting to make plans. An amazing guide in Italy a few years back, completely made our trip, so I'd love to do that again. Your pictures are spectacular! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your pictures are amazing! That sky doesn't even look real! It's so incredibly blue. Just beautiful!