Monday, October 12, 2015

Santorini Part 1

We flew to Santorini
the day after school got out!

This was home for a week!
We rented one of the cave houses
set on the cliff over looking 
the beautiful Aegean Sea 
and the caldera..
(a caldera is a crater formed
from a volcano)

(a view from our front porch)

We stayed in Oia.
(pronounced eea)

I think we visited at the perfect time.
It was not too hot
and not too crowded!

Probably my favorite time
of day here!
Just before sunset..
and WOW!
The famous Oia sunset...

More of that to come...

When I think of Oia,
I think of these winding, hilly
footpaths lined with shops 
and  yummy restaurants...

I think of these cliffs
and the amazing cave homes
built in them..

(this one taken from the
catamaran we were on.
more on that later!)

(also taken from the catamaran.)
If you look closely you can see
the mobs of people lining up
to watch the sunset.

Oia up top..
Amoudi Bay down below..

When I think of Oia,
I think of the wonderful people 
and the food!
One night we ate 
down in Amoudi Bay
at the Sunset Tarvern.
Delicious seafood
while watching the sunset!

More tomorrow!!


  1. Wow, what a beautiful place! The place you stayed looks amazing!!! I bet the food was so good, it's making my tummy growl just thinking of it:)

    1. UAU! Looks so beautiful! Like i said once in Instagram, I love to travel with you!!!!

  2. Dreamy!! It must have been super hard to leave!!

  3. Santorini is one of the most beautiful places on earth and it looks like you and your family made the most of it! I love following along on your travels! xoxo

  4. Amazing pictures...simply amazing! And such a beautiful family!