Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hannah's Prom 2015

Hannah's prom was last June..
I can't even believe I'm finally just
now posting about it!

We found her dress here in Paris.
the Junior girls wear short dresses
and the Senior girls wear long.

We went to have her hair and makeup done

Loved her hair!

So much fun!

We decided to host a pre-prom
get together with some of her friends
and their parents.

Then it was off to Trocadero where 
everyone meets for Prom pictures!

Danny, her date was a perfect gentleman!

She had a great night!!


  1. Wow, your daughter looks so much like you, she's your mini-me! I had no idea they celebrated Prom over there, I thought it was a very American thing. I lived in Canada and England growing up and we didn't have Prom there but I guess times have changed since then:) She looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Oh my she looked gorgeous (but how on earth did she dance in those heels? I feel old) as did her friends and her handsome date! This was just amazing and was a real standout about the incredible experiences that you are offering your children while you live in Paris...These are memories that will never fade for them or for you...

  3. Oh my word! Beautiful and glowing. I love everything about it!!! And here in CT... everyone meets at Elizabeth Park for pictures... so dumb compared to the EifleTower!!! How cool!