Monday, June 23, 2014

5 and Summer

Griffin turned 5 last Thursday!
It was also the last day of school
so lots to celebrate here.

Griffy and I had lunch at his 
favorite place...Frog.

And he picked out a new 
Eiffel Tower.

He wanted pizza for dinner
and of course we had cake
and presents.

We are so proud of you
You've become such a big 
Your family loves you so much!!

the first day of summer vacation..
we went to the bookstore
to pick up some summer reading,
and out to lunch in the 
Jardin des Tuileries.

This past weekend was
fete du musique here in Paris..
Bands play all over the city
all night long.
And the sunsets in the evening
(10 pm!!)...have been just beautiful.

And we are off!
Thursday we fly to Iceland!
We will stay there for 3 days 
and then continue on to Boston.
We are really looking forward to
another summer on 
Martha's Vineyard 
and visiting family and friends!!

Happy summer!


  1. Five... Can they really be growing up this fast?
    Enjoy home for the summer.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. G!
    He's such a cute little man!

  3. What a charmer you have there. Happy birthday to Griffin and wishes for a most beautiful summer to you all! XO

  4. Griffin is such a little sweetheart! I can't wait to hear about your Iceland trip...and those two pics of sunset in Paris...beyond perfection! Safe travels! xoxo

  5. He is sooooo cute. Such a sweet face. Makes me miss my baby boy who is a freshman in college now.

  6. Happy 5 griffin! Enjoy your summer!

  7. What a great way for summer to begin! Happy bday to you big Griffy!!