Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The French Open and Thunderstorms in Paris

I think summer has 
arrived in Paris!
This past weekend we watched
the French Open finals
on the Champs du Mars.

We met a few friends there
and had a picnic.

Great tennis!

And on Saturday I met
David Lebovitz!
He was at our local English
bookstore signing his latest 
I love his blog!
And really looking forward to 
trying some of his recipes.

We have had some 
intense storms these past
two nights!
Last night I took this picture
just as a flash of lightening
(you can see the bolt and how the sky lit up)
and as the midnight sparkles began!

I was still awake listening to the storm
when the tower shut it's lights off
after the 1:00 am sparkles.
The lightening was amazing!

This is the last full week of school!
And I'm hoping to get some sleep

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  1. Wow and to think you were there (or pretty darn close) while I was watching the French Open on TV!