Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Provencal villages and Cassis

Saturday morning there is a
fantastic outdoor market
on Place de Verdun in Aix.
Produce and cheese and
clothes and antiques.
Certainly my idea of 
a Saturday morning!

What a gorgeous Provencal market!
I had to remind myself that I had
only one suitcase!

I did of course pick up
a traditional French market 

Lots of lavender and 
herbs de Provence!

These artichokes
were beautiful!

After strolling the market
for a few hours,
I met up with my tour group.
I booked through 
and it was perfect!
Only 5 of us..
me and the two honeymooners!
An Australian couple and a 
couple from Hong Kong.
Our tour guide Janika was 
friendly and very knowledgable.

Our tour started at a winery..
and after a bit of tasting we 
walked around the gorgeous 

After the wine tour
we visited two perched Provencal 

We visited Asouis
and Cucuron.
The picture above was 
taken in Cucuron
where the movie
A Good Year was partly filmed.
It's based on Peter Mayle's novel.

I was thrilled to find out
that there was room for 
one more on the tour Sunday
to Cassis!

The Australian couple was back
 along with a couple
from Boston!

Sarah, the owner of 
Discover Provence was
out guide Sunday.
She was lovely!
I highly recommend her tours!
I want to go back and do her Provencal
cooking class!

Cassis is about a 40 minute 
drive from Aix.
It's an old fishing village.
When we first arrived we boarded
a ferry that took us along the coast
and into three separate calanques..
or sheltered inlets. 
This is one pictured above.

After the boat tour
we sat at an outdoor cafe
for a glass of Cassis' white wine.

We then drove up a beautiful windy 
road leading to Cap Canaille
where we had a gorgeous view.

Upon our return 
back in Aix..
the two couples invited
me for a quick bite to eat 
with them and then I was 
headed back home on the train
to Paris.

A perfect long weekend!


  1. Pam, I have wonderful memories of that market in Aix! It was my first morning in Provence, and I had to pinch myself, it was so picture-perfect. We didn't make it to Asuois or Curcuron - and Cassis looks so dreamy. Guess I will have to go back! Glad you had such a wonderful trip and found a great tour resource. I'll have to remember for next time.

    Hope it's beautiful in Paris right now! XOXO

    PS- Your trip to Iceland and the Vineyard sounds fantastic (and yes, I'm all for a day trip to Nantucket!) We're considering Iceland/Scotland for our next big trip, so I'll be looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

  2. I have so enjoyed following along on your trip south, Pam! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos with all of us! Have a lovely day! xoxo

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous! Would love to travel there someday!

  4. ohhhhh to be Pam! you should have called me...i soooo would have joined you although the commute from Maine would kill me! so glad you are having such a great time! thinking of you!

  5. positively swooning.
    i love that it was always you + 2 couples!
    why is that so sweet & hilarious to me??

  6. Hope your are having a wonderful Summer! Miss all your posting!

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