Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ralph's and Getting Lost in France

Saturday night Steve and I
had dinner at Ralph's with some friends.
I wanted to take everything in this 
picture home with me.
The vintage fabric pillows..
the table setting..
the cozy atmosphere.
The food was fantastic.
The service...well, probably the best
we've experienced here in Paris..
so far.

If you find yourself in Paris,
with a hankering for some good
American food..
Steve had the chili and the burger..
I had the crab cake and the lobster salad..
Go to Ralph's!
(and ask for a pack of matches on your way out..
you know I collect them..and Ralph's 
are navy blue of course!)

On our ride home from Giverny on
Sunday we got a little lost.
And I'm so glad we did!
We came across the most
charming little town
situated right on the banks of the Seine.
Complete with a medieval castle.

Richard the Lion heart, king of England and 
Duke of Normandy built Chateau Gaillard between
1196 and 1198.

The quaint little town at the base
of the Chateau..
I believe is Le Petit Andelys.

Gorgeous views of the Seine

Great for throwing rocks

So glad we got lost!


  1. Dinner looks amazing! Love the decor at Ralph's in Paris.
    Nice that you were able to explore that unexpected detour on your way home too....your pictures are wonderful.

  2. So much gorgeousness! What beautiful photos. I have been thinking about France recently, it's only a skip away, but real life gets in the way, too! I will just have to visit via your blog :)

  3. Such a lovely reminder to always take a little time to get lost! I love Ralph's - your photos are so lovely. We just finished adding new terraces at both the front and back of our home, and I've just decided that I want to decorate them to look like the courtyard at Ralph's! Bring on the blue and white! XOXO

  4. looks amazing!! Someone I follow on ig went there also! When do you head to the vineyard for the summer??

  5. I could get lost in your pictures! They are amazing! AK from WI