Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ziggy and Gumdrops and Snowflakes

He's a good dog.
Especially when he's been 
at Doggy Day Care.
I was able to knock out
most of my shopping today.
I wrap.

Last weekend
(I know it's Thursday and I'm just now posting about last weekend)
We made these gumdrop ornaments.
When all the cousins were here
I set up a craft table.
I think everyone
except Hannah
was burnt by the glue gun.
So maybe this craft should be
13 and up.

Styrofoam balls

I love the all white one Hannah made.

So, it looks like 
we won't be having a 
white Christmas this year.
I'm seriously bummed out.
We live in New England for crying out loud.
I guess the paper snowflakes 
will have to do.


  1. gumdrop ornaments are super cute!
    love all the snowflakes...and great job finishing your shopping...I have more to do!

  2. Time to call in a favor from the Big Guy--NE and no snow must be against some law, right?

  3. You crack me up with the Ziggy stuff - so makes me want to wait until I've potty trained the 2yo until we go for a puppy... Thanks for keeping it real for me! I am, however, feeling your pain about the lack of snow. Our kids are watching Channel 5 every day wishing that snow will be in the forecast....there's still 10 days left, right? After all, this is New England...

    (we have snowflakes all over the house, too!)

  4. I love those ornaments! So, so cute. And I like the all white one, too. Last year it actually snowed here on Christmas...... it was so special!

    btw, Ziggy is adorable!!!

  5. Love the ornament craft. I may have to try that with the kids next week.

    Can't believe how big Ziggy has gotten. He still is so adorable!

  6. i especially love the all white gumdrop ornament!
    and for crying out loud, we have no snow here either. seriously bummed.

  7. No snow either!!
    Love the puppy by the fire and so surprised he doesn't try to wrestle those Santa's around!:)
    Gumdrop ornaments are so cool and we are making fancy snowflakes this weekend! I think we may have to settle for those too!:)
    have a happy day pam

  8. no complaints from this floridian, but yes, the weather up here has been ridiculous thus far ... EVEN I would say yes please to some x'mas snow right about now :) but i do love how festive your house looks, pam, so pretty ... and don't even think for one minute that your cheetah chair behind ziggy went unnoticed - LOVE!

  9. Your puppy looks so cute. I feel like I have to make a confession. I wrote to you about how hard having a puppy was with my kids a few months ago. I gave up our puppy has a new home. Seeing your puppy makes me a little sad-but I know it was the best decision for us right now. I told the kids later, when the baby is a little older.

  10. We are getting snow today. Wish I could just mail you some!
    Ziggy is getting so big!!!!

  11. No white Christmas here either. And we live in the Mountains for crying out loud! ;) Love those gumdrop balls. Did you come up with that idea? So cute. Happy New year Pam!! xo